Saturday, December 11, 2010

Customer FOs for November, Part II

I forgot to include 2 projects customers and friends made from Dyeabolical! Bad dyer, no cookie!

The first is from Deborah.She knit this fantastic flower scarf from some merino wool that I spun around a cotton core. Deborah is good for my ego. This yarn didn't even get a chance to get photographed before it was in Deborah's bag and being knit up. Awesome scarf, Deborah!

The second is from Kim. Kim bought a 2 braids of falkland wool from me, one in Blood Orange and the other in a medicine green/grey/orange color. She spun singles from each, plied them together and then wove this amazing scarf. Pictures don't do this justice. I held it in person and almost didn't give it back! Well done, Kim!

Thank you to Deborah, Kim and everyone who shares their projects with me!

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