Thursday, December 30, 2010

Dyesaster Sale

I had a little dyesaster earlier this week. Basically, I used about 4x the amount of dye needed on some delicate silk hankies. It was my fault for taking a short cut on what is already a stupidly simple process.  My dyesaster is your gain. Dyed silk hankies normally sell for $15-20 an ounce. I am selling mine for $5.00 per ounce plus shipping, basically just enough to buy a new batch of hankies and dye.

Silk hankies are silk cocoons stretched out and layered one on another on a wood frame. Once the silk is washed and dried it is taken off the frame. The result is a flat piece of delicate fabric. Each hankie layer (or cocoon) can be peeled off each other and then spun, felted or knitted in to something new. Knitty has a tutorial on how to use the silk hankies. 

The hankies are still fine for spinning/felting/knitting. They just aren't as neat and tidy as they could be due to the extra rinsing and cooking. There may also be some dye in your rinse water the first few times you wash the finished project. The layers trap excess dye particles and rinsing it out any more aggressively may have ruined the fiber. The dye is set. What you'll see in the rinse water is the excess dye rinsing out. I have washed everything in synthrapol which should trap those particles and prevent them from backstaining.

 Leave a comment or email me at dyeabolicalyarns at gmail dot com and let me know how many ounces of which color you want and I will send you a paypal invoice.

Red and orange -- 1 ounces available
Red and blue -- 3 oz available
Red-orange, yellow, lime green -- 4 oz available
SOLD Turquoise and purples -- 3 oz available


  1. But they are extraordinarily pretty as art objects...

  2. In that case the price just went up. >:)

    Thank you, Bridgett!


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