Sunday, May 30, 2010


Project #1: Lizard Ridge
 Squares 4 and 5 are finished! I'm working on square #6 using leftovers of the previous squares. I'm hoping that by using 2 different colorways that I'll get more colorful blocks.  [Image of finished afghan from the Lizard Ridge pattern on]

Project #4: Slither
No progress. None at all.  [Image of finished gloves from the Slither pattern on]

New project:
Cecchetti by Marnie MacLean
This next project is in my queue but not part of KTQ. I am making the smallest size as a booth sample and I plan on making it for myself in a larger size later. New discovery: Knitting an XS sweater is a bazillion times faster than knitting a 3x sweater. [Image and pattern from Twist Collective]

The yarn is my Cotton Slub in the Honey Wheat color. My gauge is a little loose (4.5 sts/in instead of 5 sts/in), but I plan on running it through a hot wash and dry when I am finished and layering it over a black camisole and hanging it in the booth. I love the orange sweater I have been using for my booth sample, but I would like to get it back to the owner.


Friday, May 28, 2010

Shop Update!

I have been dyeing up yarn for Green With Indie this week. I was going to save them for the show, but several non-locals asked me on Facebook to list some of the lace yarns and I've had a few request for the sock yarns. *flattered* Sure! You can find them on Artfire or Etsy. Here ya go! 

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Green With Indie

I will be at the Green With Indie craft show on June 5 in the Webster University Grant Gym at 175 Eager Rd.

Here's what you need to know:
  • Green With Indie is an eco-friendly indie art & craft show organized by the STL Craft Mafia and sponsored by the Environmental Studies Committee at Webster University
  • This is one of the few eco-friendly indie craft fairs in the STL area. It will feature local artists, vintage treasures, locally-grown organic greenery and more.
  • Everything is earth-friendly, salvaged, upcycled, recycled, home grown, home made, revamped or refurbished. All are 100% unique. 
  •  My items are made from renewable resources (wool and cotton). I use new high quality fibers, but I use recycled/repurposed materials for dyeing (pots unusable for food, old utensils, recycled containers for dyes) and methods that protect the water source (reuse/repurpose much of the water, water neutralized before going down the drain). 
  •  This is important. Parking information. There is another large event in the neighborhood the same day. Art and Air is taking place at Eden Seminary which is adjacent to the Webster University campus. Green With Indie is on the opposite side of campus, but the two events will be sharing parking. I don't know how busy Art and Air gets, but I know from experience that navigating and parking at WU can be interesting if you aren't familiar with the layout. 
I am not trying to scare you on parking. I do not think you will have any problems, however, several of my customers have mobility issues*. I wanted to be detailed enough here so they could make an informed parking decision. There is handicap parking in Lot H and the building is handicap accessible. There is also handicap parking in the other lots, but it probably won't do you much good if you have to walk a block or more to get to the building.
 I recommend you try to park in Lot H which is behind Grant Gymnasium (attached to the University Center). The next closest parking is Lot P (P is for Parking Garage) and Lot L, both of which are located on Garden Avenue.  Here is a link to the Webster University Campus Map. The gym is location #16. 
Art and Air is offering a shuttle for their event starting at noon on Saturday. If you are attending both Art and Air and Green With Indie, then you can take the shuttle from any of the Art and Air stops to the Webster University Parking garage. It is just a one-block walk from the parking garage to the gym.
This best way to avoid traffic (assuming there is any) is to take Watson west to Eager, which is a few blocks past Laclede Station Rd. There is no light. Take Eager until you hit the campus. Grant Gym and the University Center are the first University buildings you come to. They are on your left. Lot H entrance is right before it. Garden Ave. is next up on your right. If there is no parking in Lot H, L or P, then I assume you'll just give up and I'll see you at Tower Grove Farmers Market on July 3rd. *grin* 

    Monday, May 24, 2010

    Balcony Homestead

    I stopped talking about it and actually made my first post at Balcony Homestead. 

    I feel like I have something valuable to contribute to the conversation about container and balcony gardening, such as how to keep water off your neighbor's head and how to deal with squirrels at altitude. Or, something that has been on my mind this past few weeks, physical limitations and gardening. I share about my garden here, but it isn't really a conversation. It's more like a "look at my tomatoes!" kind of thing. And really, this blog is supposed to be about my business all professional like. Ahem.

    I'll be having guest bloggers in the future if this project gets off the ground, so let me know if you would like to write a guest post. 

    Thursday, May 20, 2010

    Knitting the Queue Update

    I haven't been knitting much. Every 10 minutes I run outside to see if my garden has grown any since the last time I checked it. Then I spent every spare moment last week knitting my husband a pair of socks for his birthday. Aside from the socks I've managed to accomplish very little.

    Project #1: Lizard Ridge
     I finished square #4 shortly after my last KTQ update and started immediately on #5. Sad to say that was several weeks ago and I am still on square #5. [Image of finished afghan from the Lizard Ridge pattern on]

    Project #4: Slither
     I cast on 2 weeks ago for this project and yesterday I knit the first row. Yeah yeah, you know you do it too. I am using a worsted weight base yarn that I am considering bringing in for fall. It is a superwash merino wool and I did semi-solid black, gold and maroon. *geek*Better be...Griffyndor!*endgeek*  [Image of finished gloves from the Slither pattern on]

    Tuesday, May 18, 2010

    Small update

    • I remain utterly fascinated by my balcony garden, to the detriment of my knitting*. I am debating starting up a garden-only blog dedicated to discussing issues of balcony gardening. I even registered a domain. Everyone I have mentioned it to has raised their eyebrows. How many blogs does one person need? Well, 3 apparently--a business blog (this one), a personal conversation-style blog (lehcarknits.blogspot if you are interested and don't mind the lack of self-censorship) and potentially an article-based gardening blog (how to water, what about the neighbors, damned squirrels, making the most of small spaces). Not that having a gardening blog would actually stop me from posting about my garden in my business blog.
    Oops! See what I mean? 

    *Knitting the Queue update coming right after this post

    • My friend Kateri from Travelling Tea gave me some spinning and fiber supplies she was destashing. I have 200 (!!!!) felting needles which need a little TLC but are perfectly fine, several spindles and a Babe Bulky Wonder Electric Spinner! Wow.  So wow  that it merited two hugs. I never hug people. The e-spinner and I are getting to know each other. Like most Babe's, it is what it is. It will never be the best spinning wheel in the world, but it works and does what it is supposed to do--spin yarn. I admit, e-spinner and I have had a few words with each other uptake and ratios but I think we'll reach an understanding soon.
    • I haven't been in production mode for a few weeks, but I will be doing a small batches the next two weeks. What should I dye? I have non-superwash merino roving, felting fiber, lace weight 2-ply, cotton warp, cotton slub and sock yarn. Choices, choices! 

    Sunday, May 9, 2010

    Tower Grove Wrap Up

    Thank you to everyone who came out and visited the booth Saturday! We had a great time visiting with old friends and meeting new customers.

    It went pretty well for our first tent show. I bought a tent, picked out tables and got this great folding bench thing as booth furniture. We eventually got the tent up and the paving stones really helped keep the tent from flying away in the strong winds. We didn't put out all of the inventory, but most of it went out.

    As you can see from the pictures, we have plenty of room for growth. If only our car had as much room for growth as our booth seems to have! We were able to get our tent, table, chairs and inventory in the car this time, but my inventory is at about half level right now. My experience at the Strange Folk Festival tells me that I need to be very creative just to fit my full inventory and husband in to the car. I'll have to be very very creative if I'm going to fit full inventory and husband in the car along side of tables, tents, and chairs.

    Deborah and Ann kept us company most of the day, which was nice. I didn't get to knit a single stitch while I was working, but it was nice to watch them knit. My next booth at Tower Grove is the July 4th weekend. There should be plenty of room for a small knit-in behind my booth, assuming there booth set-up then is the same as it was this weekend. I'll have to check with the organizers about how they feel about that.

    My next show is Green With Indie at Webster University on Saturday, June 5! 

    Wednesday, May 5, 2010

    This Saturday! Tower Grove Farmers Market and Laumeier Art Fair

    What? Tower Grove Farmers Market Kick-off. 

    When? This Saturday, May 8 from 8:30-2:30 (normally 8:30-12:30)

    Where? Tower Grove Farmers Market, just west of the pool pavilion. Note: It is on the west side of the flagpole circle, not the east like I told everyone.

    Why? It's one stop shopping. Where else can you buy organic lettuce, custom blend teas, crafts and yarn all in the same place? I'll be there, Travelin' Tea will be there and lots of St. Louis Craft Mafia members will be there. Get your art, craft, yarn and groceries all in one stop.

    After the Farmers Market, stop by the Laumeier Art Fair, which goes all weekend. I don't have a booth, but I did drop off lots of newly dyed and handspun yarn to the gift shop. There are a lot of Craft Mafians represented there, too. Even if you don't stop by the gift shop, do stop by the Art Fair itself. There are always wonderful things to look at and the experience is always worth the price of admission.