Saturday, January 29, 2011

In which I talk about my hair

I never thought I would be the kind of blogger who blogged about her hair.

Ghe post where I mention my newly finished lace cowl shampoo and conditioner generated more comments than any other blog post I've written. You all wanted to know what the shampoo was. Here it is!

In the wee hours of the morning, when I actually looked at the bottle, my 15 year-old-boy brain shortened Blow NY's BLOW Up Daily Volumizing shampoo and conditioner to DAILY BLOW, which I then repeated to about 15 people at knit night. Embarrassing. So embarrassing. Sorry for the midlead, knit nighters, but hey! At least I provided a few chuckles. In my defense, the bottle prominently features the word BLOW and the marketing materials made a big deal about it being a DAILY shampoo.You can see how that might have gotten confused for someone who frequently flips words and numbers.

I've made the 2oz sample I got in my Birchbox box last about a week, which means the 9oz bottle should last a little over a month. I had to use about twice as much shampoo as normal and I had to use conditioner each time to prevent tangling. Normally conditioner is too heavy for my hair, but this stuff seems to be light enough.

Generally, my extremely fine and sparse hair doesn't get enough volume to balance out my round face regardless of what I do to it, so the fact that this shampoo/conditioner makes it look as good as it does even just for a few hours is a marvel. I may have to treat myself to full size bottles once our tax return comes in.

Terrible picture from the front, but look at the back of my head! It's WAVY. I had no idea.

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  1. Your hair is beautiful, Sweetie. Isn't it a bite taking a picture of yourself in the bathroom mirror. It's really really hard!!! Oh, BTW, I absolutely adore the roving. I'm going to start on it after I finish what's been on the wheel for 3 months. Sounds about right for me, doesn't it?


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