Friday, January 21, 2011

Victorian Neck Cozy

Things I'm least likely to ever knit:
  • anything described as "lace"
  • anything described as "Victorian"
  • anything described as "cozy"
SO the fact I knitted, and am wearing, something called a "Victorian Neck Cozy" is somewhat of a Rachel-miracle.

Yarn: Dyeabolical Bling (75% superwash merino wool/20% nylon/5% stellina)
Color: January 2011 club colorway "Yo-de-lay-hee-hoo!"
Pattern: Victorian Neck Cozy by Wendy Johnson
Needles: 16" 4US
Blocking: Wet block, no pins. The edging was steamed open with an iron. 
Feelings: It's not practical for my wardrobe but that's not going to stop me from wearing this with t-shirts and a leather jacket with the irreparable rip in the sleeve. I welcome any contribution that assists my wardrobe in becoming a wardrobe worthy of a Victorian neck cozy. *g*

It didn't fit in my light box after blocking.
Close up
Blocked on hanger
I tried a new shampoo last night that was guaranteed to change my life. I took this picture when I got out of bed. That's my bed head. I think this shampoo might change my life. The Victorian Neck Cozy looks pretty good, too.


  1. What is this miracle, life-changing shampoo??

    And yes, the Victorian neck cozy looks good, too.

  2. Love it - I've been looking for a perfect neckwarmer-type pattern! And that shampoo sounds amazing!

  3. I love the Neck Cozy! It's beautiful. Your hair looks great, too. :)

  4. "I'm too sexy for my Victorian Neck Cozy" (if you say it really fast there's a rhythm that works)

  5. Gorgeous neckwarmer and OMG! Your hair is so long and it looks fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. So, I cruised through and looked at pics before reading the text, and I swear I thought "HOLY CRAP her hair looks awesome!" Gorgeousness! :-)

    And that Victorian Neck Cozy is awesome. Gorgeous :-)


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