Thursday, February 17, 2011

Birthday weekend

I am having the worst time blogging. Somewhere between thoughts and keyboard I lose interes...

This past Saturday I joined my friend Joy and her spinning group for some tasty food and fiber crafts to beat the winter blahs. It's weird to think just 5 days ago the parking lot was encased in treacherous ice and today I have all the windows open, it's 71 degrees and I saw the first wasp of the year*. Also? I may have possibly unleashed a baby mosquito or two when I dumped the snow water out of the self-watering containers. How did they survive the cold????

Where was I? Oh right. I spun with Joy and her friends for a wonderful afternoon. I met so many people, all of whom were nice. I love the fiber community's tendency to assume every one in the room is a friend you just haven't met yet. It takes a lot of pressure off of making friends when you know in advance you're going to be friends.

I managed to get all of 2 pictures. The one below is of a friend whose name I do not know. She was showing a few of us bobbin lace. The other picture I have didn't turn out so well. I think I was making a ridiculous face and my husband thinks the photo looks good. Remind me to jab that man with a needle. 

After the spin-in I drove home and spent the rest of the weekend celebrating my birthday. I had some wonderful and unexpected gifts, but I wanted to share these crafty items with you. 
My mom made these project/gift bags from fabric leftover from outfits she made my sister and I when we were kids.
Mom also sewed these super thick and thirsty towels for me. Towels of this size and thickness are $6 a piece at the store! Ridiculous.

 Jamie made this awesome knitters bracelet. It's the perfect spot for storing that extra dpn or cable needle. I know she's working writing the pattern for this. I'll update when she releases it.

Kara embroidered these AWESOME wall hangings. I can't wait to get them hung. She also made the most delicious gooey butter popcorn cupcakes. YUM!

*I actually started writing this post yesterday. Today when I sat outside a honeybee landed on the flower catalog I was browsing and refused to leave. 


  1. Great that you could come down - I told you we were friendly ;o) I only took 2 photos myself too.


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