Monday, March 14, 2011

Bloggers Block, Sale and Shop Update

If I don't get back to blogging regularly the blogging police might strip me of my blogging creditials. I'll stop being a Blogger with a capital B and become a Business Owner Whose Business Happens to have a Blog for Sporadic Updates and Whatnot But Really Isn't a "Blogger", Per Se, or BOWBHBSUWBRIBPS. I can't pronounce BOWBHBSUWBRIBPS so I had better find a way to overcome my bloggers block and blog regularly!

A good start to blogging regularly might be to throw this damn laptop and wireless keyboard out the window and get an old fashioned plug in keyboard. I type too fast for both the wireless and the laptop and they can't keep up. There is serious lag time between when I type and when it shows on the screen. It's distracting and frustrating. Can you hold on for 10 seconds while my keyboard catches up with my typing?

Ok, I'm back now. Dang, I don't even type that fast. *runs off to take typing test* Only 72 wpm on this keyboard. Keyboards should have ratings, like "this keyboard is only rated for 40wpm or less". Stepping off my soapbox and moving on...

Dyeabolical is celebrating an anniversary this month. I opened Dyeabolical for business in March 2007 with some super bright, super saturated, seen from space colors and bless you all, you liked them as much as I did. I've transitioned to less, er, intense colors lately but I still love me some acid green.

I dyed up several of the original "seen from space" Dyeabolical colors to celebrate our 4th anniversary. I will list them in the shop on Tuesday afternoon.

My creation
Superheroes, Pot O'Gold, Dark (K)night,  Boltneck, Hidden Tiger, Shulkie and Themyscira

It seems way longer than 4 years; on the other hand, I can't believe how fast these 4 years have gone.  Thanks for coming on this dyeing journey with me. As an extra thank you, please take 15% off any order through the end of the month by using coupon code March2011 (no discounts on special orders, please)


  1. Congrats on 4 years! :-) You are one kickass {dyer, knitter, typist, friend}. Much love.

  2. Congrats on the milestone! I'm a fairly recent reader, so those colors are a bit of a fun surprise!

  3. Congrats on the anniversary - love knitting and spinning with your goodies ;o)

  4. Is Superheros the colorway you use in Avatar shots? They're all gorgeous!


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