Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Strong Arm vs. 2-ply?

Those of you who have seen or used both the Strong Arm Sock base (3-ply) and the 2-ply sock base yarns, which do you like better? The percentage of nylon to wool is the same for both. The main differences are in construction and yardage. Strong Arm has 3-plys and slightly less yardage; the 2-ply has 2-plys, obviously, and slightly more yardage.

Here's why I'm asking. Last year I decided to discontinue the Strong Arm base and replace it with my own custom spun blend of yarn. I was using the 2-ply as a stop-gap between discontinuing Strong Arm last year and rolling out my own custom yarn in June or July of this year. The custom spin isn't going to happen now. There is no drama as to why. It is simply a matter of the mill deciding it wants to spin very large orders instead of very small ones. I can't blame them at all, but now I have some decisions to make. Do I continue with the 2-ply sock yarn, which has great color take-up at a true fingering weight, or do I bring back the Strong Arm sock yarn, which is squoooshy and fat but can be challenging to source?

ETA: Sorry about the font color of the poll. I'm not sure why it did that. 

ETA, part 2: I like both yarns equally but for different reasons. They are both high quality, but the 2-ply is an even higher quality. I enjoy the stitch definition of the 2-ply, but when it is -3F outside I turn to the Strong Arm socks. When it is 30-60 degrees the 2-ply are much more wearable. There are back-office considerations as to why I prefer one over the other, too, but as far as the yarn itself? I can't decide. Someone suggested I do both. Eh. Maybe...


  1. I haven't knit with either of them, but is there a reason you can't continue to use both of them?

  2. Good question. I can do both of them, but the content of each is so similar that I think it would get confusing. Plus, I'd rather deal with one vendor over the other. Hopefully I'll get some good feedback one way or the other. I'll have to mull over doing both a bit more.

  3. I haven't used two-ply (err...don't *think* I have, anyway). But you know that Strong Arm is my most favoritest base EVER!

    ...sez the girl whose hands don't get tired, and feet don't get too warm ;-)


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