Sunday, March 6, 2011

Swap Packages

February was the month of swaps for me. I participated in both the Plurk Shawl Swap and the Odd Duck's Mardi Gras Swap.  I had wonderful packages in the mail this last week and wonderful people to mail packages to. Thank you, swap partners!

 BlueGooseFarms crocheted me this great little shawlette out of hand dyed yarn. The swap was for the shawl only, so I was so surprised when she included some delicious Mardi Gras coffee, earrings, stitch markers, candy, chocolate, a great pendant, a coaster and a beautiful candle holder. You spoil me, Nichol!
Linda4888 spoiled me with this awesome box full of awesomness. She crocheted me a kindle cover, included handmade Mardi Gras potholders, a MG colored yarn, the official MG guide, king cake soap, great beads, beinget mix, cafe du monde coffee, a much and a copy of Vampire Knits, which I have been wanting.

For the Plurk swap, I knit the Charlize shawl for my swap partner, showmeyourknits. I loved the way it looked when I was finished, but the lace portion about killed me. It was so easy that I memorized the pattern, but it wasn't so easy that I could knit without losing track. Finally I just did what looked right instead of driving myself crazy trying to keep track of where I lost a yo or ssk. If I were to knit this again I might substitute a straight yo, k2tog pattern for the slightly harder to track yo, ssk offset by half a repeat. I also included a hank of red yarn and a few little gifty gifts.

For the Mardi Gras swap, I used a pattern I was test knitting for a friend to make these clever fingerless mitts. It is a little difficult to see since it isn't on a hand, but the green and gold "scarf" is a bow around the wrist and there is a cutout on the top of the hand before purple joins up to finish the mitt part. I can't wait until the pattern is published. I also included beads, a shirt, a hank of handspun, a bracelet and stitch markers in with my swap package for spartyliblover.

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