Wednesday, April 13, 2011

All the colors

Today was dye ordering day and I may have gone a little nutso picking out new dye colors. Usually dye ordering day happens once a year and involves spending a truly ridiculous amount of money on fresh jars of the tried and true colors I've been using the last 4 years. This time I shook the pallet up a bit and picked out 21 new dyes, 18 of which could be classified as either green or purple if I were being honest with myself. I'm nothing if not consistent in my color preferences....

Speaking of green and purple, I dyed up a new color a few weeks ago, sold out in an instant, dyed more up and sold all 4 hanks in an afternoon plus got a few emails asking me to list more soon. I think we have a winner. *grin*

We're All Mad Here (pink, magenta, apple green) in the Strong Arm Skinny base


  1. That's beautiful.

    How did I forget you had a blog? What is my problem.

  2. Please please please PLEASE have this available on June 1, for I MUST purchase it and knit longies for Hypothetical Hooplings. I'm not even kidding. You plant a skein of it in Belleville or Arnold or something and I will WALK - CRAWL ON MY HANDS AND KNEES - to wherever it is, just to make it mine.

    (You are one helluva talented dyer. Have I mentioned that lately?)


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