Sunday, April 24, 2011


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May is rushing towards us like a...well, like a mad rushing thing. It's 5:30 Easter morning, before my first cup of coffee. You expected me to be able to come up with coherent words? Anyway, May is rushing towards us and I'm both excited and anxious. Show season starts in May.

Luckily, my "show season" consists of 2 shows in May and 2 near October so it isn't like my show season is overly taxing or anything, but still. Nerves. Hard core nerves. I'm doing my first fiber festival this year and I'm convinced all the other dyers are going to point and laugh at my garment rack displays (which I still think is genius, if perhaps a little declassé, especially now that I have taken off 2 of the matching hanging shelves and added this crazy thing). I'll be making a trial run of the garment rack shelves at Tower Grove Farmers Market on May 7 and if people really do point and laugh, well, then at least I'll know, right?

Rant time.

The knitting world is vast. You (the generic you) might be famous in your own small community, but outside that community no one knows who you are even if you are the most famous knitter in the world. I assure you, I met plenty of people at the yarn shop who don't know who or what an Elizabeth Zimmerman is or don't know that Ravelry exists or who have never heard of a knitting podcast.That doesn't make that person less of a knitter by any stretch of the imagination.

Back to our regularly scheduled blog post.

I took last week off from dyeing yarn. It might be a mistake to skip a week of dyeing, especially with a show coming up, but I needed a break plus my new dyes haven't arrived yet. I was hoping to take the whole week off work, but that didn't happen. I found I couldn't relax until I still spent 4-8 hours in my office each day. I got caught up on a lot, got some yarn wound and cleaned the office. I found a bag of the roving below, which I dyed 2 weeks ago and promptly forgot about. I'll have this up by Tuesday, along with more "We're All Mad Here" on Bling, Strong Arm Skinny and Superwash BFL roving.


  1. Happy Easter, Rachel. I don't get the rant, but you tell 'em!!! And, OMG!!! Congrats on the Fiber Festival in Kentucky. So exciting. You are better than all of them put together, so no angst. Y'hear?

  2. I have half a mind to head to Kentucky - that way you could say that your fans follow you around.


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