Friday, April 8, 2011

We Shall Call It Skinny

I had 12 people vote on the blog poll about the Strong Arm Base vs the 2-Ply base and about another 12 weigh-in in person, through Plurk or through email. The results are as follows:

8 people prefer 2-ply over Strong Arm
8 people prefer Strong Arm over 2-ply
8 people like both equally
1 person who preferred Strong Arm were emphatic in their love of Strong Arm and suggested that if I discontinue it that it will make baby unicorns cry.
1 person who preferred Strong Arm made whimpering noises when he discovered that I wouldn't be knitting him socks from Strong Arm if Strong Arm was discontinued. He proclaimed that if I won't be knitting him his own pair of Strong Arm socks then I need to forfeit my Strong Arm socks to him. 
1 person--me--knows better than to argue with enthusiastic customers and people who know where I keep my hand knitted socks.

So here's what we're going to do. We're keeping Strong Arm and to reduce or possibly  increase confusion I am renaming the 2-ply sock yarn to Strong Arm Skinny. This is going to work out well...I think.

To recap:

Both Strong Arm and Strong Arm Skinny are 80/20 superwash merino wool and nylon. Both are technically fingering weight, however:
  • Strong Arm Skinny is 2-ply true fingering weight. 400 yards per 100g. The yarn is soft, strong, well balanced. The high twist factor give this yarn a little bounce that charms me. Socks made from this yarn are good for 3 seasons.
  • Strong Arm is a 3-ply, 364 yards per 100g. The yarn is round and has a diameter that places it in the heavy fingering weight category. It knits in to a thicker fabric with a high squish factor. Socks made from Strong Arm are the socks you will pull out when the temperature dips below freezing.
Themyscira in Strong Arm

Themyscira (different lot) in Strong Arm Skinny


  1. Oh, geez Rachel. You're acting like I have a clue. I like them both. I do prefer squeezing the Strong Arm more, though. It's soft!!!

  2. Yay! ::happydance::

    I do so enjoy getting my way. ;-P


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