Sunday, May 29, 2011

More Kentucky

  • Susan Anderson has a great wrap-up of the Kentucky Sheep and Fiber Festival on her blog. Thanks for the great write-up, Susan!  
  • We have lots of booth pictures. Looking at the pictures, our booth seems a little sparse. Funny how while we were in the booth we felt like we were crowded. We applied for a double booth for next year. I suppose that means I'll need more inventory and more booth furniture for next year. NOW HIRING someone to carry all that stuff from my 3rd floor home down to the van I park down the block.
  •  On the way home we visited Santa Clause. Scott got to sit in Santa Claus's sleigh. No, really. He did.
  •  All the inventory but the Cotton Warp and spinning fibers are back up online. Those 2 things should be back up before the end of the week. 
  • I think that's it! I'm done babbling on about Kentucky until next year! 

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  1. Boy, has your booth come a long way, girl!!! Looks amazing.


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