Monday, May 9, 2011

Pointy Bullets of DOOOOOOM

  • I had 6 bullet points written, including a bit about how the built-in and plug-in mice are acting twitchy. Then, as I was reviewing what I had written, the twitchy mice highlighted the first half of this post, deleted it and closed the browser window erasing all but the final 2 bullet points. Bastard mice. Also, the "r" and down arrow are missing from my keyboard.
  •  I accidentally bought a cashmere blend sock yarn when I meant to go for its non-cashmere cousin on the shelf next to it. ["accident" defined as "Loopy Elf Donna made me touch the cashmere and when I came back to my senses I found that same hank of cashmere in my knitting bag and a Loopy Ewe receipt"]  The cashmere blend is so soft and wonderful that I am *this* close to turning hypocrite and buying a giant box of cashmere sock yarn to dye up.
    •  I sometimes lay awake ticking off my mental checklist of things to do and wondering if there is anything I forgot. When it comes to blogging, YES, there are things I have forgotten. I am certain that I have forgotten to say thank you for a gift, failed to give shout outs or forgotten to share a funny story, but tonight while I'm laying awake I can finally check off "mention Fibernymph" from my list. Last week I met Lisa from 90% Knitting/Fibernymph and we had a nice lunch where we got to talk dyeing. It was nice to have someone to talk shop with!  
    • The farmers market kick-off got off to a slow start for us, but thankfully picked up as the sun came out. Scott summed it up on Twitter like so, "Good people watching day. I've seen a man walking a parrot, a man walking a cat, 200 babies, 500 pregnant women and 1000 french bulldogs. Also saw a guy in a bunny suit. Seriously. Ears, cotton tail, little twitchy nose. Why do they need to eat all of those carrots anyway?" Then, regarding our purchases at the market, "1 lb grass fed beef: $6. 1 box of Hamburger Helper: $2. Irony of putting top quality meat in low quality pasta and seasonings...

    • Before the market I was bragging to Scott that I lost (the same) 10 pounds (again). On the way home we stopped at Luebely's Bakery for a Mother's Day cake and came home with a spare cake. I'm still under my Weight Watchers points for today, but the only way I'll meet the Good Health Guidelines is if I count whipped cream as dairy and strawberry filling as a fruit.   
    • The last show we did I filled up soft-sided bags and pitched them over the balcony for Scott to catch. I suggested that we do that again for this show. Scott responded by rubbing his chest, wincing and shaking his head "no". It doesn't seem right that yarn ought to be that heavy. 

        • I'm exhausted. When I got home I slept from 6:30-2:30 and then 3:30-9:30. I don't see how other people do a different show each week. I think when I finally get the time, space, money and a car with cargo room, that I may have to develop a traveling inventory. Have I mentioned that my car parks 100 steps and 21 stairs away from my apartment? Or that I drive a Neon and packing even just 3 tubs in to my car is a challenge? Doing local shows, I think, would be no big thing if I was able to keep everything always packed in my car. Where do I get a miracle car that is small like a Neon, doesn't have a ton of blind spots, has huge cargo capacity and doesn't cost anything?

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          1. I'm answering the last bullet first. It's called "winning the Lottery". I'm banking on that, too. Maybe we can share? Cashmere sock yarn? Don't even think about it. I still have stuff to knit up of yours, plus the fiber. So, cut it out already,willya? BTW, hugs from here.


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