Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I relistened to what I recorded yesterday. 10 minutes later I took the blog post down.  You can still find it on my site for a little bit longer, but I don't think I'll leave it up on the blog.

It was clear to me now that I was having some pain and brain fog issues yesterday. I struggled all day to do simple tasks and couldn't figure out why I was having trouble figuring out simple tasks. Now that I've had some more rest I can think a little more clearly. I enjoyed our trip tremendously but I obviously should have waited until today to record that video.

You didn't miss much by not watching the video. I talked about Kentucky and how awesome it was. I also intended on talking about why I don't do a lot of out-of-state shows (physical considerations, the cost of traveling, many of my objectives/goals can be met by doing in-state shows), but I ended up rambling from talking about the accident that triggered chronic pain to working in a yarn shop to my philosophy of wool without ever really connecting those ramblings in to one coherent thought. Plus, I'm slurring during most of it and there are additional sound issues. Meh. Maybe I'll record something new tomorrow.

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