Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Shows and Stuff

  • How did you like the video update? I got a lot of good feedback from people who liked video podcast, most of whom are video podcast watchers. I'm planning on doing more video updates, but I will limit them to around 10 minutes or less and aim for less than once a week with regular blog posts in between. 
  • Saint Louis locals, Tower Grove Farmers' Market opens this weekend! I will be there with my yarns and fibers starting at 8:30 and will be there until either the market closes or the rain runs us off. I'm bringing whatever will fit in my car and not a hank of yarn more. If there are any specific items you would like to see in person just let me know and I'll be sure to pack them. 
  • 2 weeks after Tower Grove, we will be traveling to Lexington for the Kentucky Sheep and Fiber Festival where we will have a vending booth. I hope those of you who are local to Lexington will be able to attend!  
  •  The April Customer FO blog post is running late. If you have any yarns you spun from Dyeabolical roving or projects you completed using Dyeabolical yarn and would like me to include them then just email me at or PM me on Ravelry at dyeabolicalyarn

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    1. I loved your video. Someday I hope to have an FO. It's not like I'm not knitting with your yarn or spinning with it;-P


    Thank you for your comment! If you included your email address in your profile, then I will respond to you soon.