Friday, June 10, 2011

[video update] No Apologies

[ETA: I want to clarify. I called this episode "No Apologies" because I'm not going to apologize about going over time anymore. I did apologize to the woman who lost her head, although I'm not sure I needed to be the one to apologize, but she was obviously having a bad day and was frustrated.]

I didn't managed a text update between the last update and this update, but I have several in the works. I just have to, well, write them. They all reside in my brain right now. I hope you enjoy the video update in the meantime!

That silly self-imposed 10-minute rule has been lifted.

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Did you hear the last 5 seconds? Did I say "Bye y'all?" Why yes, I did and it was completely by accident. The KnitGirllls must have more influence over me than I thought. "Bye y'all" is their tagline and I have been watching them all day! Sorry Leslie and Lala! 

Love you guys!


  1. Glad you are no longer concerned about the length of the vid. Love the new place you have set up to vidcast from - next time just move the lamp behind you and it will be perfect.
    As for the sweater arm prob-Knitscene winter/spring 2011 suggests - if sleeves are too wide for your arms work fewer increases. You will need to cast on additional sts under the arm for upper bust/bust width. Some math will be involved
    FYI - Im heliveswwjd on Rav & Plurk

  2. Thanks, Virginia! Wouldn't you know it, I already rearranged my furniture and that spot I recorded in doesn't exist anymore. I'll look in to that Knitscene. I actually think it might be on my end table. See what I miss when I only look at the pictures? :)

  3. Just discovered your vlog/podcast and I love. I also love your yarns. As far as the issue you had with the autistic child/mother you did nothing wrong. It sounds like the mother and grandmother use the child's autism as an excuse to not parent. I have had friends with autism and know parents of autistic children and they would have never yelled at you and would never have excused their children's horrible behavior because of their disability. The mother sounds like a lunatic and the grandmother should have at least apologized to you. Not make excuses.


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