Sunday, July 10, 2011

Tour de Francey Pants: Week 1

I owe you a June FO wrap up, a video blog and I'm sure that my etsy shop would appreciate some new sock yarns. None of that got done this week, though. It's July, so I've been watching this:
and spinning these:
That yarn on the right? Not really gray.
instead of working. Tomorrow is a rest day for the Tour de France and Tour de Fleece so lots and lots of dyeing will get done, especially now that my new equipment has arrived.

This months club fiber*, while beautiful to spin, is fiddly to dye. It really really really would prefer not to be disturbed in the dye pot, which means every potfull had to be heated from cold, and the cool back to room temp. And when you only have one cooker? Hours. HOURS, I tell you! I managed about 3 braids a day with my current set up, which is ridiculous considering my normal tempo. The new equipment arrived Friday and I'm looking forward to knocking out the rest of the club tomorrow and Tuesday, letting it dry for 2-3 days, prep shipments on Friday and mail them on Monday--a full 2 weeks before the first club is due. That is, if I can tear myself away from the TdFs for a few hours...

*HINT HINT HINT SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER! Don't keep reading if you don't want to be spoiled on what type of fiber is in the July club.

This month is a beautiful british bfl wool!

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