Thursday, August 11, 2011

Behind the Dyepots: Tales of an Insomniac Dyer

I can't sleep because I keep thinking about yarn. (Shaddup. You know you do it, too.)

Specifically I am thinking about 3 things--selling yarn wholesale, stocking my Strange Folk booth and the next sock club. Shall we take them in order? Lets! (I mentioned the insomnia, right?)
    1. I mentioned last week that Ewe Knit Yarns in Webster Groves, MO is now stocking a selection of Dyeabolical yarn. I just dropped off another order of Strong Arm Skinny sock yarn this afternoon. I miss them already, so please stop by Ewe Knits and give them a good home so I don't worry.

    2. Strong Arm Skinny (the 2-ply) and Strong Arm Sock (the 3-ply) have been a popular choices for my shops lately. I don't want to undercut my local retailers (Ewe Knits and Knitorious), so I've decided that I will not be bringing any Strong Arm or Strong Arm Skinny hanks with me to Strange Folk or Tower Grove this year. I will still bring with me to Strange Folk the SA sock flats, Bling sock yarn and possibly another yet-unpicked sock base, along with my regular assortment of yarns and fibers. Also? Hand pulled combed top. Expensive, but worth it. See? I expect to see you out in force, Spinners.

    3. August has gotten away from me and I realized this afternoon that if I want to be able to get the sock club started on time in October that I need to open registration like now. I will post all the details tomorrow, but for now the sock club registration will open on Tuesday and will run until the spots run out. Returning club members, I will email you separately. It will be $64 (+ shipping) for the yarn-only option. The club runs from October - December and will feature Strong Arm, Strong Arm Skinny and either Bling or the mystery 4th option. Haven't decided yet. As always, please let me know if you want in to the club but need to make alternate payment arrangements.

    I'm debating on letting you choose the option to get swag with your yarn for an extra $20. I'm also still torn on a theme. Thoughts?


    1. ::puts on whining voice:: BUT I ALWAYS BUY STRONG ARM AT STRANGE FOLK!!! ::takes off whining voice::

      Sounds like a reasonable decision. Even if it will force me to sulk in the corner and then buy some Bling. :-D

    2. Actually LOLing right now. I knew you were going to protest. I just didn't think you would protest so FAST.

    3. I'll still have SA in the sock flats. You know you want some.

    4. Oh my, it looks like you dyed that green fiber just for me!

    5. Zinniz, the fiber is made on a blending hackle and dizzed off. It is very fun to do!

    6. I don't know what language you are speaking, but What-EV-ER...I am sure that if that fiber turned out green, it was well worth being dizzed and hackled.

    7. cool!!! Can't wait for the club to reopen!!


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