Sunday, August 21, 2011

Dots of Sunday

  • Thank you to everyone who joined the Show Tunes sock club. All 40 original spots are filled, but I am still adding names to the waiting list. Add your name by emailing me at dyeabolicalyarns at gmail dot com Be sure to include your name, paypal email address, if you want swag or yarn only and if you have a non-US mailing address. At this point I expect everyone there will probably be room for everyone on the wait list will probably get in to the club. If you have submitted your name for the wait list then I will get back to you before 9/2. 
  • The Dyeabolical vlog is now available on iTunes, not that it does anyone a lick of good while my camera is all messed up. I think I may have to go back to 10 minute mini-episodes. My computer and camera don't seem to want to work well with each other past 20 minutes. I'll put up an abbreviated episode this afternoon.
  • I got some knitting done! 
 I know, shameful how long it takes me to knit anything lately.  At least I'm not the only one. I have 1 entry so far for the August FO post and only 1 person on Ravelry I need to harass for a picture.
  • Speaking of harassment (not really), the St. Louis Craft Mafia has asked me to do this favor for them. I'd better not refuse, so this week I'll start writing a 3-part primer on the kinds of yarns available. Preparing to write is tingling that part of my brain that used to (sort of) enjoy making a living freelance writing. I didn't write for very long, or for very reputable people, and it's impossible to make a living doing it anymore now that everyone writes for free (it seems) and since I appear (in this very sentence) to have lost an command of the rules of English, but I find myself missing it a little bit anyway.
  •  I've added the following 3 items to my daily to-do list--Read X minutes, Knit X rows and take Excedrin. Silly things to put on a to-do list, but I find my days go a lot smoother if I make those 3 things mandatory to-dos.

1 comment:

  1. I'm a newbie to your blog/vlog.
    Have watched a couple of your vlog posts and several of your blog posts.

    I have put you in My Favorites and have joined your Rav group.

    Your discussion of yarns is most interesting to me as a knitter. A knitter of sox MOSTLY.

    That said, I ♥♥♥ this lovely yellow? orange? sleeveless sweater. I'm not going to have to give in to knitting a garment, am I?

    Will watch you newest vid this evening.



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