Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Pink Girl

I don't know when I became a pink person, but lately I cannot get enough pink. Specifically, fuchsia/orchid/bright pink The last 3 shirts I bought? Pink. I just dyed some semisolid yarn for a friend's charity project. Color? Pink. Nearly ever colorway I've developed over the last 3 months? Pink. I have to slap my own hand away from the jars of pink when I dye.

I'm working on dyeing up the last installment of the Variations on a Pink fiber-of-the-month club and realizing I could spend about 3 more months with Gaywool Orchid Pink and not be sick of it. I've dyed 3 club colors with it, plus 3 or 4 other test colors with it.
July's colorway
There is a learning curve when switching between dye brands and even between different colors.  I'm feeling like I am just now hitting my stride with this particular dye. For instance, it doesn't under/over dye the way I would expect. That, plus switching from superwash test fiber to non-superwash club fiber led to some muddy heartache last week when I went to dye September's club color. I had to reorder a few bags of fiber to replace the ones I muddied up and I had to completely switch up the over/under dye color I had been planning for the month. I like what I ended up with.

June's club was handpainted, July was tonally kettle dyed and August was supposed to be a gradient over/under dye, but now it's sort of a variegated handpaint/low water immersion hybrid. Sort of. It is suitably Dyeabolical in its unspun state and should exactly what I want it to when I spin it. Hmm, I suppose I should add spinning to my to-do list for today. Anyway, that's all I can say about September's fiber club without major spoilers. All I can really tell you for certain is that it is pink.
I stole this picture of the August fiber all spun up from AnnieKnits.

I will be sad when I'm finished with this color and also a little relieved. I don't feel like I've fully explored everything this hue has to offer, but even at the wholesale price it is a spendy dye. It is very convenient for the new dyer to have the acid already mixed in the dye, but for someone like me who dyes professionally,  I like controlling when I add the acid and how much to achieve certain effects. Astute noses among my customer base will have sniffed out that vinegar, not citric acid, is my acid of choice, not citric acid which is what these dyes use. Hoards of dyers, the vast majority, prefer citric acid. I prefer it from a cost standpoint, but I like vinegar for the control it gives me. I think vinegar gives a cleaner feel to the fiber ("cleaner" feel? cleaner "feel"?) so that's my acid of choice.

I'll have another week or so that I must spend with this color. While I have over 100 different dyes, probably closer to 200, and at least 10 different shades of pink I have a feeling that Gaywool Orchid and I will still be spending a lot of time together after our mandatory togetherness has ended.


  1. So very very pretty and so very very girlie;-P

  2. I'm generally not a pink girl either, but all of these club fibers have elbowed their ways to the front of the spinning queue. Go figure.


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