Friday, September 9, 2011

Y to the A to the W to the N

The Strange Folk Festival is in 2 weeks and I'm perfectly calm*. Undoubtedly I'm forgetting something major. Something more major than being 30 pounds low on stock and a small but very important shipment of Strong Arm being held up, again, at the mill 3 weeks longer than expected. Both of these things are happening right now.

I should probably be a little bit stressed out about both of those things, but I'm not. For starters, I always bring about 30 pounds too much stock to Strange Folk for the space I have available. Plus, the hardest part of dyeing 30 (or 100) pounds of yarn isn't the dyeing. That can be done no problem. It's the rehanking and labeling and even that isn't so big a chore if you have someone to help for a few hours. There is nothing I can do about the mill stress except to vow to never buy from them again, but since Strong Arm is my customer's favorite there is little chance of that happening so why worry?

I've got bigger things to stress about. For instance, is Scott going to have time to make me coffee this morning? He brews his coffee in this crazy contraption that I have yet to use successfully. UPDATE: He did not have time to make coffee and now I'll have to make it myself in a regular drip coffee maker. It will taste perfectly fine, but not exquisite, and I'll have to get off the couch to make it. My life is hard.
Northwest Glass Yama SY-8 40-Ounce Stovetop Coffee Siphon, 1-Unit 
Other things to dither about this morning include whether or not to include cookbooks as read books on Goodreads, which sweater to swatch for and whether or not I'll find the motivation to record a video today. I suppose somewhere on the agenda I ought to decide whether or not to dye any yarn, spin any yarn, hand pull any roving or if I should sit on my couch and do nothing but listen to myself breathe. I can tell you where my inclination lies this morning.

*subject to change at any minute


  1. I hope you spent it on the couch, listening to yourself breath. Sometimes that is the best thing to do.

  2. You did more than breathe... I'm a witness...


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