Sunday, October 23, 2011

In which Kate is competitive...

Never challenge Kate in jest. Girl takes challenges very seriously.

(slightly edited, mostly because I can't spell)
[ETA: Can I just say that I read Kate's newest post and I just realized on a seriousl and profound level that she knit that shawl just so I could be there in spirit? Yeah, we egged her on (and scoffed) and it was a lot of fun, but it didn't really all the way sink in that she knit for 12 hours so I could sort of see Stephanie, too. Kate, you're the best.]

Me to Kate: Just realized I can't make it to YH tomorrow. Sadface. Can I bribe you in to getting me a copy?

Kate to me: Sure thing! (sorry you'll have to miss it though... :-( ) Any special request on the inscription? :-)

Me to Kate: I can't think of a thing, unless you can persuade her to say nice things about my yarn, which you probably can't. CHALLENGE. (Seriously, just a signature would be fine. Should I paypal you?)

Kate to me: Oh shit. IT'S ON. I'll wear my Joker socks tomorrow! Rather than Paypal, would you be able to take that cost off a skein of secret yarn? :-D
Kate's Joker Socks

 Kara to Kate: so...CHALLENGE ACCEPTED, then? :)

Kate to us: I'mma try. Kara - help me start brainstorming awesome requests?

Kate to the world: So stinkin' excited for the YarnHarlot talk tomorrow.Now just wish I'd made a whole sweater or shawl of @dyeabolicalyarn to show off... :-D
Kate to me: I am an eeediott! I have Damson and Milkweed both in (discontinued, right?) Dyeabolical.

Me to Kate: Sort of discontinued. It just never sold enough to bring it on full time.

Kate to me: Which is a cryin' shame, I must say. Lovely stuff (both of 'em).Think I could whip up a Traveling Woman before 2:00pm tomorrow? :-D

Me to Kate: yes, you could do that before 2 tomorrow [I should not have said this.]

Me to Kate 2 seconds later when I realized she might take me seriously: You are insane and no knitting a whole shawl in less than 12 hours!

Kara to Kate: Okay, I'm gonna have to stop you right there. No knitting a shawl in 12 hours. [Kara has witnessed many a crazed knitting attempt and participated in a few herself.]

Kate to us: Awright...we have a bday party tonight at 6. If I started at 7, knit through to midnight, got up at 6, knitted 'till 9 or 10......then pinned it for a quick block immediately (windows open and fans on high), left the house at 1... I dunno...

Kara to Kate: No. Nononononono. Seriously. It's a quick knit, but I don't think even you can knit that fast [This is where Kara made a critical error]...and you shouldn't make yourself insane with trying it. Seriously. You have to work & go to a party and sleep.

Kate to us: I dunno, I'm starting to think it might be do-able. Have wanted a green shawl for a while, too. (would use stuff I got Wed.) But that's me possessing a special kinda stupid, isn't it?

Kara to Kate: And do you really want to meet the Yarn Harlot looking like some crazed knitting lunatic?

Me to Kate: I'm not supposed to poke the crazy and finishing a shawl between now and tomorrow with work and a party? That's crazy. [This was my critical error. I should have known then that Kate was going to make us eat our words.]

Me to Kate 10 seconds later: *pokepokepoke*

Kate to us: LOL. We'll see. If nothing else I'll have a nice WIP to show off :-D

Kara to Kate: I have clearly failed in reasoning with you. So I'll join in and just poke the crazy, as Rachel so eloquently stated.

Monica chimes in and also pokes the crazy. We all have a good laugh.

Kate, 12 hours later and clearly proving us all wrong: At the Yarn Harlot event, 12-hour shawl and all! :)

Winning at knitting


  1. PLUS, she was in the Harlot's blog and your site was linked. So exciting!!!!!

  2. I love that phrase of 'poke the crazy' because it's just so true for insane ideas like that. Plus, that's exactly WHAT friends are for. If your friends won't 'poke the crazy' and spur you to greatness who will?

  3. Kate looks awesome on your blog and the yarn harlots.

  4. Never underestimate the power of a competetive knitter. This post made me tired, just thinking about doing that... LOL.

  5. I saw her shawl in person. It is beautiful!! That's my kind of crazy.
    I wore my Jaywalkers too, so you were well represented. :)


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