Tuesday, October 11, 2011

More Housekeeping

I knew I had forgotten things in Monday's post!

  • I updated the All Hands on Deck mitten pattern. It should be much clearer and easier to follow now. It is a top-down mitten pattern, infinitely customizable for any size hands using any size yarn. The yarn I used for the mittens below was dyed by Crafty and Crap. She's not dyeing anymore, but I remain hopeful she will go back to it one day. I love her Muppets colorways!
  • [edited because apparently I hit "post" halfway through a thought] A few people have asked about new podcasts/video updates. It turns out that some people read blogs and some people watch video updates, but very few people do both. Interesting! The blog readers are getting posts, but the video watchers aren't. I really like doing the video updates, but I have to be in the mood to do them at the same time that I have light to record and am not horribly disheveled from standing over steam pots. I actually am in the mood right now to do them and my hair looks normal. It's dark, but I can set up studio lights if I need to. The problem is, I have a sock deadline looming and still need to knit at least a foot, if not a foot, a cuff and another foot. Plus, I don't really have anything to talk about other than what I've listed in these Housekeeping posts. Sooooooooo, video updates will resume soonish, but not right away.

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