Monday, November 7, 2011

Customer FOs for September and October 2011

It's that time again! Thank you to everyone who shared pictures of their finished projects and handspun yarns made with Dyeabolical yarns and fibers in September and October. If you would like me to include your FO in an upcoming post (or if I have forgotten anyone!) email me or message me through Ravelry. This will be a picture heavy post. Those of you with slow internet connections may want to go have a cup of coffee while the page loads.

And now, in no particular order....

LiliMarlene87 knitted this fantastic shrug from Bling. I really love this shrug.  The pictures are really cute. Her partner did a great job on the photography, don't you think?
A few months ago I sent Deborah the Iris shawl pattern. She immediately cast on using a hank of Cotton Warp in Mardi Gras colors. She gets compliments where ever she goes and it is easy to see why. The pattern is fantastic for hand dyed yarns and Deborah is a great knitter. She had enough yardage left to add an extra repeat to the cowl for those of you wanting to try this pattern.
Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! Allison used the Bird of Paradise club colorway alternated with Dream in Color to knit the My Wish shawl by Laura Linneman. Lovely!
This is THE shawl. A few weeks ago Kate decided the day before Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's book signing that she would knit a new shawl for the signing. She put her head down, knit for 12 hours and BAM! Shawl.
The Yarn Harlot holding the 12-hour shawl.
Last year Carrie picked up a braid of Falkland fiber from my booth at the Tower Grove Fall Festival. She spun it up in to this beautifully thin and even yarn and knit a gorgeous shawlette. Click the link for more pictures. 
This chickie, Sarah from Yarn Geek Fibers, showed up at Strange Folk with this hand spun, hand knitted Lady Eleanor shawl. Holy crap! How did she make it away with this still in her possession? Because I'll be honest, if I see it again I may steal it right off her shoulders and feign ignorance. Shawl? What shawl?  I occasionally snuck back to her booth to visit this shawl, along with Sarah's very pretty fibers. The bonus time with Yarn Geek and Mr. Yarn Geek was pretty nice, too. 
Handspun singles in the color Themyscira
Speaking of Themycira, a few months ago I dyed a sock blank made from Strong Arm in the Themyscira colors. Knit Night friend Ava knit these gorgeous toe-up socks. I knew I should have kept a blank for myself before putting Srong Arm on hiatus!
Kara finished her Flowershop Inferno socks! Yay! Kermit arms! Kara finished the first sock a few years ago and started the second sock a few months ago. She discovered that her gauge had changed in the years between socks and had to rip and reknit the second one. Sigh. I do that far more than I admit to my fellow knit nighters, except I can manage to mess up my gauge in a matter of hours, so I can sympathize. Great job, Kara!
Here's another one from Kara. She borrowed some scraps of Cotton Slub (which is now on sale) and made this very cool zombie boy for a mutual friend. I sort of love the dangling button eye.
Dena Stelly designed these toe-up socks and used the color Jo Rides a Motorbike to knit them! Nice socks, Dena! I can't wait to knit my own pair.
Here's another one from Kate. This girl likes knitting on a deadline. She showed up at knitting with these on a Wednesday with the cuff of one started and was wearing the pair 4 days later at Strange Folk. Never get in to a knitting for speed competition with her is all I have to say.

Whew! That was a lot of knitted objects. Time for the hand spun. This bit of neapolitan pretty was spun by our Annie. She was testing out some batts I'm considering selling in the shop. She gave the batts the thumbs up, so I will start listing them just as soon as I, um, make some more. I, uh, may have possibly, um, spun up all of my original stock myself. I guess that's my prerogative, but I still feel a little guilty about it.
Fluid Pudding's Angela is a very new spinner, but she spun this lovely 2-ply! Very nice, Angela. (Go read her blog!)
Karen, who I see each year at the Artisan Guild of Southern Illinois booth, spun the yarn above and below from club colorways earlier this year. I really love seeing Karen at Strange Folk each year. She always has a yarn to show me and they're always beautiful.
Rose-Marie, proprietor of Bea-Gin Design, spun this from some hand pulled roving I did earlier this year. Pretty, Rose-Marie!

 Joy spun this from a braid of fiber called Jeannette. I got to visit with Joy a few weeks ago and see this yarn in progress. I wish I could remember which colors I used to get that mauvey pink...
Finally, a color that was technically one of a kind, but that I'm going to try to recreate. This is Mourning Clowns, so named by the spinner, Steven of Dramatic Knits.

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