Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Sale, Fiber Club, Shop Updates and a Tentative Schedule

First, click here to sign up for the Dyeabolical newsletter if you would like to get your shop update information that way. I will update no more than twice a month. Probably not even that often, to be honest.

Next, quite a few items have been deeply discounted on the Etsy shop to make room for new inventory. Also take advantage of coupon code "NOVEMBER" for an extra 10% off anything on the etsy shop. This code now works on the dyeabolical.com website, too.

and now....
Fiber Club Sign-Ups!!

Spots opening Noveber 13

Click here for the 4oz option (available November 13 after 10am central)

Click here for the 8oz option (available November 13 after 10am central)
(renewing members can complete renewals now on the website)

It is almost time to sign up for the first 2012 fiber club! The fiber club offers either 4 or 8 ounces of fine to medium grade wool or wool blend spinning fiber in a surprise color each month for 3 months--January, February, and March 2012.

Each color is exclusive to club members for 3 months after the color is introduced. Club members are entitled to order extras of the club colorway on the same or different fiber base*. The types of wools I normally dye range from fine merino, bfl, corriedale, silk blends, polwarth, and falkland to shetland, cheviot, jacob and other fine to medium wools.

Your shipments will be sent before the end of each month. No combining club shipments with other orders, please.

I am not planning on doing a theme or a swag option for the fiber club, unless that is something that several of you want. Swag and themes work great for sock clubs, but I think us spinners just want to spin! Please let me know if I'm wrong and you would like me to add a swag option.

*subject to normal custom dye policies and time frames


Shop Updates

A new storefront, combined shipping, and recently listed items

Shop updates can now be found in two places, both on etsy and now at dyeabolical.com. There is some overlap between the two shops, but also some unique items, so be sure to check out both shops. I regularly add a few items a week, but the larger updates are usually announced on Facebook, Twitter, the blog or in the Ravelry group. Here are a few recently added items:


Yes, I know I have been extremely negligent in dyeing spinning fiber.  I'm sorry. I've been going through a bit of ennui with spinning fiber lately, but I'm happy to report that I'm now OVER IT and back to normal, or I would be if I wasn't constantly running out of time. I have 4 gradient-dyed Texel wools to be listed this week. I have 2 semisolid red superwash cheviots that I wasn't going to list, but I will if any of you would like to see them. I will be dyeing custom order the rest of this week, but I will try to sneak in at least 2-4 colors of fiber and will list them next week.

I also have a LOT of undyed gotland and kent-romney fleece. There are some shorter pieces and second cuts, but the fiber is still beautiful. If any of you art spinners or felters would like any dyed up, please contact me and I'll be happy to discuss options with you.

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