Sunday, February 20, 2011

Monster Sighting!

There's been a monster sighting in my indoor garden!

Is that Momo the  Monster I see behind those leaves?
Uh, is he gnawing an arm under the orchid blossoms?
OMG he IS gnawing an arm....wait, are those knitting needles in that hand?
MOMO IS EATING A KNITTER! Holy crap, y'all!
Big huge thanks to Crafty and Crap for needle felting and sculpting this little guy for me!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Needles for Newborns

Little hats on a clothesline
For the second Saturday in a row I spent time with my fibery peoples and ate amazing brownies. This week I was at Paste Craft's Needles for Newborns event where knitters and crocheters made teeny tiny hats for babies.  We were there for only a few hours, but the last I talked to the organizers there were nearly 100 hats made today. Good job, knitters!
Kara made the teeniest hat of all. It was so small it wouldn't even fit her water bottle.

Also Kara's. This one fits the water bottle, but just barely.
Mine, crocheted in kitchen cotton.
This hat is a lesson in individual gauge. This was knit from the same pattern as Kara's first hat except I used needles 2 sizes smaller. Her hat was so small it didn't fit a water bottle. Mine was big enough for an average sized infant, not a preemie. The yarn had a little bit to do with that. Kara used DK and I used worsted, but I went down TWO needle sizes!
Another crochet hat. I love how the yarn pooled here.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Birthday weekend

I am having the worst time blogging. Somewhere between thoughts and keyboard I lose interes...

This past Saturday I joined my friend Joy and her spinning group for some tasty food and fiber crafts to beat the winter blahs. It's weird to think just 5 days ago the parking lot was encased in treacherous ice and today I have all the windows open, it's 71 degrees and I saw the first wasp of the year*. Also? I may have possibly unleashed a baby mosquito or two when I dumped the snow water out of the self-watering containers. How did they survive the cold????

Where was I? Oh right. I spun with Joy and her friends for a wonderful afternoon. I met so many people, all of whom were nice. I love the fiber community's tendency to assume every one in the room is a friend you just haven't met yet. It takes a lot of pressure off of making friends when you know in advance you're going to be friends.

I managed to get all of 2 pictures. The one below is of a friend whose name I do not know. She was showing a few of us bobbin lace. The other picture I have didn't turn out so well. I think I was making a ridiculous face and my husband thinks the photo looks good. Remind me to jab that man with a needle. 

After the spin-in I drove home and spent the rest of the weekend celebrating my birthday. I had some wonderful and unexpected gifts, but I wanted to share these crafty items with you. 
My mom made these project/gift bags from fabric leftover from outfits she made my sister and I when we were kids.
Mom also sewed these super thick and thirsty towels for me. Towels of this size and thickness are $6 a piece at the store! Ridiculous.

 Jamie made this awesome knitters bracelet. It's the perfect spot for storing that extra dpn or cable needle. I know she's working writing the pattern for this. I'll update when she releases it.

Kara embroidered these AWESOME wall hangings. I can't wait to get them hung. She also made the most delicious gooey butter popcorn cupcakes. YUM!

*I actually started writing this post yesterday. Today when I sat outside a honeybee landed on the flower catalog I was browsing and refused to leave. 

Monday, February 14, 2011

Shop Update Preview

I am only going to have 2 shop updates this week and I thought I would give you a preview.

On Tuesday I will be listing Silky Lace. 80% merino/20% silk, 1000 yards per 100g, $27. There are 2-4 hanks per color. I will list 2 hanks of each color to start and will relist as they sell. If you need more than what is listed, or anticipate needing more, please let me know through email, PM or etsy convo and I will increase the quantity.

On Thursday I will be listing mixed bfl/silk top. 85% black bfl and ecru bfl wool mix/15% tussah silk. $20. There are 4-6 braids per color. I will list 2 hanks of each color to start and will relist as they sell. If you need more than what is listed, or anticipate needing more, please let me know through email, PM or etsy convo and I will increase the quantity. 
My creation

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Customer FOs and Handspun for January 2011

FOs are Finished Objects. A finished object is any item knitted, crocheted, woven, felted, spun or otherwise transformed from Dyeabolical yarns and fibers into another form (e.g. yarn knitted in to mittens, warp crocheted in to dishcloths, fiber in to a felted object, dyed top spun in to yarn). If you would like me to include your FO in an upcoming post, please email me  or message me through Ravelry. Thank you to my customers and friends for letting me share your FOs! 
MariannAn did a little stashbusting with these socks. She combined leftover balls of Dyeabolical, Lorna's Laces and Wollmeise to make these socks. Be sure to check out MariannAn's colorwork patterns. WOW.
Mamased  joined my sock yarn of the month club and knit this awesome shawl for her daughter in no time flat. Fantastic!
Nina (Cherry Sprinkle on Ravlery) knitted these fantastic gloves from a superwash merino/tencel for her swap partner for a recent Ravelry swap. Lucky partner!
Jessie from Stash Ehancement  (etsy store) spun this great striping 2-ply from BFL/Silk top in the Steampunk Themyscira colorway. "Steampunk" is the designation I use when I take a normally handpainted colorway and kettle dye it instead. The results are usually darker and  less predictable and have a "antiqued" look to them.
Carrie (Zinniz on Rav) spun this gorgeous lace-weight Falkland on her spindle. The color is a very deep dark extra-saturated Blood Orange (normally an orange/burgundy)

Cniotalai (on Ravelry) spun this beautiful 3-ply from a braid of superwash BFL. Look how even her spinning and plying is!
More Slither yarn! Ava used Slither in the Strong Arm Sock Yarn base to make these very cool Skew socks. Great job Ava and thanks for sharing the pictures! 

Deborah knitted these Evening Stockings For a Young Lady pattern from Knitting Vintage Socks by Nancy Bush. She used the first dye lot (aka test skeins) of Mock Turtle in the Strong Arm Sock Yarn base.
How fun is this picture?  Lily from Ginger Haole knitted these awesome striped mitts by alternating one row of Kangaroo Dyer's yarn with one row of my Cotton Slub Sport (only 2 colors left, btw). Very cool idea!

Ellen spun this gorgeous yarn from some of the first roving I ever dyed and recently knitted this gorgeous shawl from it. 
Miss P knitted the socks above out of January's sock yarn in about 10 seconds flat and she knit the socks below out of the Derby Girl color. What's your secret to such fast knitting, Miss P?
That crazy Annie picked up this roving from me on Monday. 48 hours later she's spun all 8 oz in to this gorgeous 2-ply. She tells me she's going to knit it up in to a pattern she has wanted to knit for awhile. She knows it begins with a "k" and will start knitting as soon as she remembers what came after the "k".
Deborah used Dyeabolical felting wool to needle felt Steuben's new coat. Technically she did this in February, but this is so cute I could not wait. Could. Not. WAIT. You can find Dyeabolical felting fiber through Paste Crafts in Soulard, MO, True Blue Fiber Friends in Columbia, MO or Yellowbird Yarn Room in Ohio or you can do a special order through me.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Call for FOs and handspun pics

Good afternoon!

I'm running behind on the January customer FO (finished object) wrap-up post. You still have time to get your pictures in. Just email me a decent sized photo of your finished project or spun yarn, the yarn/fiber you made it out of, pattern (if applicable) and how you would like me to link your name--ravelry profile, etsy shop, website, etc. dyeabolicalyarns at gmail or you can PM me your project page on Ravelry. You have until Thursday afternoon!