Monday, May 30, 2011

Fiber Club Reminder

Just a quick reminder that the fiber club spots open up on Wednesday, June 1st. You can find more information here. I'm hope to have the spots open by 6am Wednesday morning. If it isn't listed by 6am, well, then I'm sure at least one of you will take advantage of the fact that I print my phone number on my business cards. *grin*

Here is the link you will use on Wednesday. If you want 8oz, please just order 2 4oz memberships and I will refund you the difference. 

The theme for this club is Variations on a Pink*. Yep, one pink done in 3 different ways. Will I do 3 different intensities? 3 different methods of dyeing? Will I do a pink over dye? Under dye? Pink glaze? Will pink play a big role in the colorway? Will it be a supporting color? Will you even be able to find the pink? I wish I could say more, but I think it's gonna be awesome.

*I know some of you are still cringing at the idea of pink. Rest assured, we're talking more the fuchsia/magenta end of the spectrum and not pepto pink.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

More Kentucky

  • Susan Anderson has a great wrap-up of the Kentucky Sheep and Fiber Festival on her blog. Thanks for the great write-up, Susan!  
  • We have lots of booth pictures. Looking at the pictures, our booth seems a little sparse. Funny how while we were in the booth we felt like we were crowded. We applied for a double booth for next year. I suppose that means I'll need more inventory and more booth furniture for next year. NOW HIRING someone to carry all that stuff from my 3rd floor home down to the van I park down the block.
  •  On the way home we visited Santa Clause. Scott got to sit in Santa Claus's sleigh. No, really. He did.
  •  All the inventory but the Cotton Warp and spinning fibers are back up online. Those 2 things should be back up before the end of the week. 
  • I think that's it! I'm done babbling on about Kentucky until next year! 

Thursday, May 26, 2011

[Video Update] Let's Try This Again

Beauty product sampler: Birchbox (or email me for a referral link)
Necklace: Iram-Inal Designs
Kentucky Sheep and Fiber Festival:
Blue Goose Farms:
Susan B. Anderson:
The Knitgirllls:
New Retailer of Dyeabolical Yarns Magpie Yarn:
Fiber Mill: Fleury Sheep & Wool
Northwest Looms:
Moonwood Farm:
Fiber Art Work:
Liberty Alpacas:
Hand Painted Knitting Yarns:
Lunabud Knits:
Amiga Cardigan:
St. Louis Craft Mafia:
Upcycle Exchange:
Paste Crafts:

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I relistened to what I recorded yesterday. 10 minutes later I took the blog post down.  You can still find it on my site for a little bit longer, but I don't think I'll leave it up on the blog.

It was clear to me now that I was having some pain and brain fog issues yesterday. I struggled all day to do simple tasks and couldn't figure out why I was having trouble figuring out simple tasks. Now that I've had some more rest I can think a little more clearly. I enjoyed our trip tremendously but I obviously should have waited until today to record that video.

You didn't miss much by not watching the video. I talked about Kentucky and how awesome it was. I also intended on talking about why I don't do a lot of out-of-state shows (physical considerations, the cost of traveling, many of my objectives/goals can be met by doing in-state shows), but I ended up rambling from talking about the accident that triggered chronic pain to working in a yarn shop to my philosophy of wool without ever really connecting those ramblings in to one coherent thought. Plus, I'm slurring during most of it and there are additional sound issues. Meh. Maybe I'll record something new tomorrow.

Monday, May 16, 2011

July-Sept Fiber Club Info

It’s almost time to sign up for the second installment of the Dyeabolical fiber club! 
This second club will be a little bit different than the first one. The main differences are:
¨      There are 3 braids instead of a batt, bump and braid
¨      The club has a color theme. This gives people an idea (sort of) what to expect colorwise and gives me a framework to work within.
¨      The club will not be listed on Etsy.
¨      Keep reading for details! 

Returning fiber club members can reserve their spot until May 31. Returning members, please check your emails for more details.  

The remaining spots will open to new fiber club members on June 1 and will be for sale at: and [If you want 8oz, please purchase TWO 4oz clubs. I will refund the extra $ to you.] Please note, these listings are not in my usual etsy shop. I am testing out new shopping cart software with this club. Please do not bookmark this new site as it may not be active once your purchase is complete.

Wait listing: Please email me at after June 1 if you were not able to get in to this club and would like to be waitlisted for a future club. I will not add anyone to the waitlist before the spots are sold out.

The cost is $65 for a 4oz option and $120 for an 8oz option, which includes shipping to the US and Canada. International residents, please add an additional $12 for shipping. Missouri residents are subject to sales tax.

You will receive a 4oz or 8oz braid once a month in July, August and September for a total of 3 shipments. The shipments will be mailed before the end of each month. There are no guaranteed extras. This is to keep prices as low as possible. You are paying for just the fiber and shipping. I may, however, include vendor samples or small fun trinkets from time to time in your package. These are included at no cost to you. Each shipment will arrive in a tyvek envelope mailed first class.

The fibers may include merino (superwash or non-sw), bfl (sw or non-sw), Falkland, polwarth, wool/silk blends, corriedale (sw or non), wool/viscose blends (tencel, rayon from bamboo, etc), Finn, wool/cellulose blends (flax, bast bamboo) or any other similar quality fiber. 

This club will have a color theme—Variations on a Pink. What constitutes pink? Red watered down to almost nothing? Baby pink? Toy aisle pink? Well, yes, but pink is so much more. It can be anywhere from the palest petal pink to deep vivid magenta and all the colors in between. If you think you’re not a “pink person” then think again. These club selections will be vibrant, bright, variegated, saturated and paired up with unexpected color combinations. Note: There will be some element of pink in every braid, but pink may not be the dominant color in every braid.

Each color will be exclusive for 3 months.

Please email if you need extras. Sometimes I have extras or possibly dye more. 

 Here are Wikipedia’s shades of pink color card for examples of pinks I may use:

 Here are some examples of pinks I’ve done in the past:

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Customer FOs for April 2011

FOs are Finished Objects. A finished object is any item knitted, crocheted, woven, felted, spun or otherwise transformed from Dyeabolical yarns and fibers into another form (e.g. yarn knitted in to mittens, warp crocheted in to dishcloths, fiber in to a felted object, dyed top spun in to yarn). If you would like me to include your FO in an upcoming post (or if I have forgotten anyone!) email me  or message me through Ravelry.  Thank you to my customers and friends for letting me share your FOs! 
Kelly used Cotton Slub Sport to knit the adorable hat above and she used Cotton Warp in CMY for the darling hat below. Both of these hats are available for sale in her brand new Etsy shop, Hyggeligt Baby.

SamSarah knit this darling baby dress, also from Cotton Warp in CMY. I especially love the pooling around the middle. I may have to do a planned pooling project with this yarn in the near future.
Mayasveil knit these great socks from some Strong Arm in Butternut Squish she picked up last year at the farmers market. I love these, Maysveil! Why don't I do this color more often?
And now we get to ShellsSells. ShellsSells blew me away with what she has done this month. I sent out this color for the last fiber of the month club. She spun it in to this fantastic gradient yarn...
....and then knitted it in to this ah-maz-ing scarf. I can't get over it. Shells didn't stop there, either. She knit not one, but TWO sweaters.
Shells is my Cotton Slub test knitter. She knit this darling sweater from my old Cotton Slub Sport base and then immediately cast on for a new sweater, which will be in May's post, out of the new Cotton Slub DK base so she could give me a side-by-side comparison and recommendation. How awesome is she? It still kills me that the mill discontinued the Slub Sport base, but Shells has given 2 thumbs up for the Slub DK base. It will be in the shop next month!

That's April! Thank you to everyone who shared their projects. I hope I didn't forget anyone. If I did just drop me a line and I'll get right on it. If you have any finished projects made from Dyeabolical product--knit, crochet, weaving, spinning, felted or ???--you can message me on Ravelry or email me to be included for Mary.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Booth pictures

Scott and I have been going back and forth and back again about how we ought to set up our booth with our new display grids. Tower Grove gave us some nice practice. 
The booth looks a little sparse. We brought too many grids and only half our inventory. I think it would look better if we had yarn going all the way down to the bottom, but right now we're using those corner shelves, where the pink bowls are, to keep the grids stable and they can't go all the way down to the bottom without looking pretty dumb themselves. What we really need is a booth designer a few set of stabilizing feet instead of relying on the shelves to add stability. A stable base would do it, too. I like this set-up a lot and it keeps the grids off the floor: 
Scott doesn't love the display above. I just want the booth to look nice without the spousal stress that occurs anytime we have to assemble a functional retail display before we've had adequate coffee. I also would like to stop buying new booth furniture every year, because that's getting old fast. This seems like maybe a good compromise. We'll see how the /\/\/\/\ configuration works at Kentucky in a few weeks and then revise our plan for the next show....whenever that will be. Can I digress for a moment?

I want to do more fiber shows, but holy baloney they are expensive! You figure the booth fee, which can be anywhere from $60-$500, plus car rental, gas, food, hotel and I'd have to sell just about everything in this picture below in order to just break even on the travel costs, not to mention the costs of the inventory itself. Luckily, we have a free hotel and car rental for Kentucky otherwise we wouldn't be able to do it. Someone who isn't me ought to organize a large St. Louis fiber festival that brings people in from all over the midwest.

At Kentucky we'll have twice as much inventory than we had for Tower Grove (not enough! not enough!) but only 1 more grid. I think I'll either bring wire cubes or a garment rack with shelves just in case we run out of room. Luckily, we have a 4-hour window the next time we set up the booth the night before and 1.5 hours the morning of the event to put the inventory up. 
I gather that many people leave their inventory up all night at these fiber events. I'm not sure how I feel about that. Perhaps I'll change my mind once I get there, but what happens if there is wind and rain or an unscrupulous person* about?  At home the inventory goes in a plastic bag and then in to a lidded container as soon as it is dry. I don't see why I would store my inventory any differently at a show than I would at home.

*or an unscrupulous squirrel, such as we had at Strange Folk who used my empty display as a nightclub.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Pointy Bullets of DOOOOOOM

  • I had 6 bullet points written, including a bit about how the built-in and plug-in mice are acting twitchy. Then, as I was reviewing what I had written, the twitchy mice highlighted the first half of this post, deleted it and closed the browser window erasing all but the final 2 bullet points. Bastard mice. Also, the "r" and down arrow are missing from my keyboard.
  •  I accidentally bought a cashmere blend sock yarn when I meant to go for its non-cashmere cousin on the shelf next to it. ["accident" defined as "Loopy Elf Donna made me touch the cashmere and when I came back to my senses I found that same hank of cashmere in my knitting bag and a Loopy Ewe receipt"]  The cashmere blend is so soft and wonderful that I am *this* close to turning hypocrite and buying a giant box of cashmere sock yarn to dye up.
    •  I sometimes lay awake ticking off my mental checklist of things to do and wondering if there is anything I forgot. When it comes to blogging, YES, there are things I have forgotten. I am certain that I have forgotten to say thank you for a gift, failed to give shout outs or forgotten to share a funny story, but tonight while I'm laying awake I can finally check off "mention Fibernymph" from my list. Last week I met Lisa from 90% Knitting/Fibernymph and we had a nice lunch where we got to talk dyeing. It was nice to have someone to talk shop with!  
    • The farmers market kick-off got off to a slow start for us, but thankfully picked up as the sun came out. Scott summed it up on Twitter like so, "Good people watching day. I've seen a man walking a parrot, a man walking a cat, 200 babies, 500 pregnant women and 1000 french bulldogs. Also saw a guy in a bunny suit. Seriously. Ears, cotton tail, little twitchy nose. Why do they need to eat all of those carrots anyway?" Then, regarding our purchases at the market, "1 lb grass fed beef: $6. 1 box of Hamburger Helper: $2. Irony of putting top quality meat in low quality pasta and seasonings...

    • Before the market I was bragging to Scott that I lost (the same) 10 pounds (again). On the way home we stopped at Luebely's Bakery for a Mother's Day cake and came home with a spare cake. I'm still under my Weight Watchers points for today, but the only way I'll meet the Good Health Guidelines is if I count whipped cream as dairy and strawberry filling as a fruit.   
    • The last show we did I filled up soft-sided bags and pitched them over the balcony for Scott to catch. I suggested that we do that again for this show. Scott responded by rubbing his chest, wincing and shaking his head "no". It doesn't seem right that yarn ought to be that heavy. 

        • I'm exhausted. When I got home I slept from 6:30-2:30 and then 3:30-9:30. I don't see how other people do a different show each week. I think when I finally get the time, space, money and a car with cargo room, that I may have to develop a traveling inventory. Have I mentioned that my car parks 100 steps and 21 stairs away from my apartment? Or that I drive a Neon and packing even just 3 tubs in to my car is a challenge? Doing local shows, I think, would be no big thing if I was able to keep everything always packed in my car. Where do I get a miracle car that is small like a Neon, doesn't have a ton of blind spots, has huge cargo capacity and doesn't cost anything?

          Thursday, May 5, 2011

          [Video Update] May Sock Club Spoiler & Cotton Bamboo preview

          In this video update I give a spoiler of the May sock club yarn and a preview of the organic cotton/bamboo rayon fingering weight yarn that I hope will be come a regular.

          Someone asked about streaming the video updates to iTunes. You can now go to my channel on and subscribe through the link at the bottom of the player that reads "subscribe to this show via iTunes". FYI, if you watch through iTunes you will only get the video updates. You will still have to come to the blog for non-video updates.

          Thanks for watching!

          Main Website:

          Wednesday, May 4, 2011

          Shows and Stuff

          • How did you like the video update? I got a lot of good feedback from people who liked video podcast, most of whom are video podcast watchers. I'm planning on doing more video updates, but I will limit them to around 10 minutes or less and aim for less than once a week with regular blog posts in between. 
          • Saint Louis locals, Tower Grove Farmers' Market opens this weekend! I will be there with my yarns and fibers starting at 8:30 and will be there until either the market closes or the rain runs us off. I'm bringing whatever will fit in my car and not a hank of yarn more. If there are any specific items you would like to see in person just let me know and I'll be sure to pack them. 
          • 2 weeks after Tower Grove, we will be traveling to Lexington for the Kentucky Sheep and Fiber Festival where we will have a vending booth. I hope those of you who are local to Lexington will be able to attend!  
          •  The April Customer FO blog post is running late. If you have any yarns you spun from Dyeabolical roving or projects you completed using Dyeabolical yarn and would like me to include them then just email me at or PM me on Ravelry at dyeabolicalyarn