Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Pink Girl

I don't know when I became a pink person, but lately I cannot get enough pink. Specifically, fuchsia/orchid/bright pink The last 3 shirts I bought? Pink. I just dyed some semisolid yarn for a friend's charity project. Color? Pink. Nearly ever colorway I've developed over the last 3 months? Pink. I have to slap my own hand away from the jars of pink when I dye.

I'm working on dyeing up the last installment of the Variations on a Pink fiber-of-the-month club and realizing I could spend about 3 more months with Gaywool Orchid Pink and not be sick of it. I've dyed 3 club colors with it, plus 3 or 4 other test colors with it.
July's colorway
There is a learning curve when switching between dye brands and even between different colors.  I'm feeling like I am just now hitting my stride with this particular dye. For instance, it doesn't under/over dye the way I would expect. That, plus switching from superwash test fiber to non-superwash club fiber led to some muddy heartache last week when I went to dye September's club color. I had to reorder a few bags of fiber to replace the ones I muddied up and I had to completely switch up the over/under dye color I had been planning for the month. I like what I ended up with.

June's club was handpainted, July was tonally kettle dyed and August was supposed to be a gradient over/under dye, but now it's sort of a variegated handpaint/low water immersion hybrid. Sort of. It is suitably Dyeabolical in its unspun state and should exactly what I want it to when I spin it. Hmm, I suppose I should add spinning to my to-do list for today. Anyway, that's all I can say about September's fiber club without major spoilers. All I can really tell you for certain is that it is pink.
I stole this picture of the August fiber all spun up from AnnieKnits.

I will be sad when I'm finished with this color and also a little relieved. I don't feel like I've fully explored everything this hue has to offer, but even at the wholesale price it is a spendy dye. It is very convenient for the new dyer to have the acid already mixed in the dye, but for someone like me who dyes professionally,  I like controlling when I add the acid and how much to achieve certain effects. Astute noses among my customer base will have sniffed out that vinegar, not citric acid, is my acid of choice, not citric acid which is what these dyes use. Hoards of dyers, the vast majority, prefer citric acid. I prefer it from a cost standpoint, but I like vinegar for the control it gives me. I think vinegar gives a cleaner feel to the fiber ("cleaner" feel? cleaner "feel"?) so that's my acid of choice.

I'll have another week or so that I must spend with this color. While I have over 100 different dyes, probably closer to 200, and at least 10 different shades of pink I have a feeling that Gaywool Orchid and I will still be spending a lot of time together after our mandatory togetherness has ended.

Monday, August 29, 2011

[video update] Episode 2-ish: The Other Side of the Table

Friday, August 26, 2011

Shop Updates

I've made lots of updates this week to the shop. 

My creation

Sunday, August 21, 2011

[video update] Episode N+1

I finally feel like I've got the hang of what I'm doing, even if my technology isn't cooperating. Is my video blog professionally produced? No and probably never will be, but I'm feeling more comfortable in my skin. In this episode, episodes really, I talk (moan? whine? kvetch?) about the growing pains of video blogging.

Dots of Sunday

  • Thank you to everyone who joined the Show Tunes sock club. All 40 original spots are filled, but I am still adding names to the waiting list. Add your name by emailing me at dyeabolicalyarns at gmail dot com Be sure to include your name, paypal email address, if you want swag or yarn only and if you have a non-US mailing address. At this point I expect everyone there will probably be room for everyone on the wait list will probably get in to the club. If you have submitted your name for the wait list then I will get back to you before 9/2. 
  • The Dyeabolical vlog is now available on iTunes, not that it does anyone a lick of good while my camera is all messed up. I think I may have to go back to 10 minute mini-episodes. My computer and camera don't seem to want to work well with each other past 20 minutes. I'll put up an abbreviated episode this afternoon.
  • I got some knitting done! 
 I know, shameful how long it takes me to knit anything lately.  At least I'm not the only one. I have 1 entry so far for the August FO post and only 1 person on Ravelry I need to harass for a picture.
  • Speaking of harassment (not really), the St. Louis Craft Mafia has asked me to do this favor for them. I'd better not refuse, so this week I'll start writing a 3-part primer on the kinds of yarns available. Preparing to write is tingling that part of my brain that used to (sort of) enjoy making a living freelance writing. I didn't write for very long, or for very reputable people, and it's impossible to make a living doing it anymore now that everyone writes for free (it seems) and since I appear (in this very sentence) to have lost an command of the rules of English, but I find myself missing it a little bit anyway.
  •  I've added the following 3 items to my daily to-do list--Read X minutes, Knit X rows and take Excedrin. Silly things to put on a to-do list, but I find my days go a lot smoother if I make those 3 things mandatory to-dos.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Sock Club Sign Ups open Tuesday

NEWEST UPDATE: We are officially sold out of our original 40 spots and are in to waiting list spots. Please do email me to add your name to the waiting list if you are interested, as I expect to have additional spots open up.

UPDATE: As of Wednesday evening we only have 2 spots still open, maybe 3. Payment isn't due until 8/31, but get let me know ASAP if you want to be in the club. After the spots are filled I will start adding people to a waiting list in case any reserved spots come open after 8/31.

It’s time to sign up for the second Dyeabolical sock club!

Sign up for the Dyeabolical Sock Yarn of the Month Club now and get a different colorway mailed to you in October, November and December. 

I asked members of the Dyeabolical Ravelry group to help pick a theme and they picked Show Tunes!  Campy, corny and classic show tunes with a Dyeabolical twist. I haven't picked the final themes for the colors, so I would love to hear what your favorite musicals are. 

Here’s what you need to know about the club:
  • Signups start on Tuesday August 16 and last until Friday August 19. I am accepting up to 40 member this time. Renewing members are guaranteed a spot. If we sell out then I will keep a waiting list. Email me at the address below, or hit reply to this email, to add your name to the waiting list if space sells out.
  • Email me at dyeabolicalyarns@gmail.com and let me know you want to join. PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL YOUR RESERVATION UNTIL TUESDAY, AUGUST 16. This allows time for renewing members to get their spots reserved. Once I receive your reservation, I will send you a PayPal invoice. All invoices must be paid by August 31 unless alternate arrangements have been made with me in advance. Any invoices not paid by August 31 will be released to names on the waitlist.
  • Each 3 month membership is $65 plus shipping for the yarn-only option OR $85, plus shipping for the yarn + swag option.
  • The base yarn for this club will feature my usual sock bases 2 months and 1 month will feature a new yarn in the Dyeabolical line up.
  • Club colorways will be exclusive for 3 months.

The colorways may be semi-solid, tonally variegated, strongly variegated and may be painted using a variety of different dyeing techniques (hand-painted, kettle-dyed, mosaic, over-dyed).

Extras hanks will be available for order by club members. Club members may also request that their extras be dyed on a different base or on fiber. Please allow extra time for dyeing any extra you order.

Sales tax applicable to Missouri residents.

[video update] Rambling, per se

Er, did I forget to tell you I had a new video up? I think I did.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Behind the Dyepots: Tales of an Insomniac Dyer

I can't sleep because I keep thinking about yarn. (Shaddup. You know you do it, too.)

Specifically I am thinking about 3 things--selling yarn wholesale, stocking my Strange Folk booth and the next sock club. Shall we take them in order? Lets! (I mentioned the insomnia, right?)
    1. I mentioned last week that Ewe Knit Yarns in Webster Groves, MO is now stocking a selection of Dyeabolical yarn. I just dropped off another order of Strong Arm Skinny sock yarn this afternoon. I miss them already, so please stop by Ewe Knits and give them a good home so I don't worry.

    2. Strong Arm Skinny (the 2-ply) and Strong Arm Sock (the 3-ply) have been a popular choices for my shops lately. I don't want to undercut my local retailers (Ewe Knits and Knitorious), so I've decided that I will not be bringing any Strong Arm or Strong Arm Skinny hanks with me to Strange Folk or Tower Grove this year. I will still bring with me to Strange Folk the SA sock flats, Bling sock yarn and possibly another yet-unpicked sock base, along with my regular assortment of yarns and fibers. Also? Hand pulled combed top. Expensive, but worth it. See? I expect to see you out in force, Spinners.

    3. August has gotten away from me and I realized this afternoon that if I want to be able to get the sock club started on time in October that I need to open registration like now. I will post all the details tomorrow, but for now the sock club registration will open on Tuesday and will run until the spots run out. Returning club members, I will email you separately. It will be $64 (+ shipping) for the yarn-only option. The club runs from October - December and will feature Strong Arm, Strong Arm Skinny and either Bling or the mystery 4th option. Haven't decided yet. As always, please let me know if you want in to the club but need to make alternate payment arrangements.

    I'm debating on letting you choose the option to get swag with your yarn for an extra $20. I'm also still torn on a theme. Thoughts?

    Saturday, August 6, 2011

    July 2011 Customer FOs

    FOs are Finished Objects. A finished object is any item knitted, crocheted, woven, felted, spun or otherwise transformed from Dyeabolical yarns or spinning fibers into another form (e.g. yarn knitted in to mittens, warp crocheted in to dishcloths, fiber in to a felted object, dyed top spun in to yarn). If you would like me to include your FO in an upcoming post (or if I have forgotten anyone!) email me or message me through Ravelry. Thank you to my customers and friends for letting me share your FOs with my blog readers!
    Mindy used Dyeabolical felting fiber to felt this sweet little bird house. How cool is this?!?!?!? I cannot wait to see a little birdie living in there.
    This very nice cowl was made by fiber artist Jennifer Wunderlich using Dyeabolical Handspun Edition! made from locally sourced alpaca. She also made the cowl below. Both of these beautiful cowls are for sale in Jennifer's etsy shop. 

    Needle Nouveau bought a 50 gram hank of silk embroidery thread from me 2 years ago. That's plenty to make many, many of these beautiful embroidered rose pillows. Her work is lovely.
    My fierce fashionista friend, Irish Diva, whipped up these Interrupting Cow socks designed by Laura Linneman. Irish Diva used the June sock club colorway called ALWAYS RAINBOWS.

    Speaking of ALWAYS RAINBOWS, this isn't a Dyeabolical FO, but I need to brag. *g* My friend Rose-Marie (who makes the BeaGin stitch markers I send with orders) made me this beautiful rainbow bracelet. She made another for our friend Jen because Jen and I are always going on and on and on and ON about our love of rainbow colors. Isn't it beautiful?
    Deborah finished these gorgeous toffee-colored socks from a hank of Strong Arm in a tonally variegated clorwasy for her husband. Lucky man!
    Ann did a lovely job spinning up this month's fiber club colorway, Maillot Jaune.
    Zinniz did an awesome gradient-spin from March's fiber club, Carnivale
    Thank you to everyone who shared their pictures this month and thank you Dyeabolical customers and readers!

    Thursday, August 4, 2011

    Shop update

    I'm updating the shop tonight around 7 with some Sporty! and Strong Arm Skinny. Here is a quick preview.