Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Knitting Year in Review

Fabric wreath from my mom

My creative demands have increased as part of my job. It's a good thing, but by the end of the day I pretty much don't want to do anything but veg in front of the TV and my numbers show it. It isn't a competition against anyone but myself but, as I shiver in my cold office, I do wish I had knit a few more shrugs or a big worsted weight shawl.
1 cowl (down from 3 in 2010)
6 washcloths/burpcloths/bibs/potholders/swiffer covers etc (up from 5 in 2010)
0 cosies of any sort (down from 1)
0 baby things (down from 3)
1 fingerless mitts (down from 4)
1 pair of gloves (up from 0)
1 hat (down from 3)
2 shawls (up from 0)
3 pairs of socks (down from 9 in 2010 which completely explains why I don't have enough socks this winter)
3 cardigans/sweaters (up from 1)
1 tank top (up from 0)
1 shrug (up from 0)
3 scarves (same)
23 projects in 2011 (down from 35 in 2010)

2011 Finished Projects


  1. You need to cut yourself a break! That's still a bunch of knitting, and haven't you been processing/dyeing a *lot* more gorgeous yarn? :^)

  2. Processing and dyeing is work, albeit fun work, but knitting is supposed to be just fun and just for me and not part of my work day. I know you can relate, Joy! I'm not overly disappointed at how little I knit. I'm just disappointed to see how little I knit in comparison to my stash. I know you can relate to that, too. :D :D


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