Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Hello Monday! I've had a super productive Monday.
  • My knitting group is having an afghan knit-a-long in January, so I picked up Lizard Ridge again and knit a full square. 
  • I dyed 24 braids of the club colorway on a new wool.
  • I've kept up with the Fly Lady daily missions.
  • I've finished several chapters of Bizarre Botanicals
  • I went to the asthma/allergy doc and had a personal best lung function test, got a negative result on the wool allergy blood test (thank merciful heavens), got banned from raw non-organic oranges (boo), and had a completely uneventful allergy shot (for once). 
  • Ate an enormous salad, although the healthiness of said salad was severely compromised by the fried chicken pieces on top of it. 
  • Started the hundred pushups challenge and didn't die. Not only did I not die, I didn't have to start off at the lowest level. Go me. I'm enjoying this small victory today, because on Day 2 I'm pretty sure I'll have to drop down to the lowest fitness level. Somehow I just don't imagine myself doing 33 pushups, no matter how you slice it up.
And while I was congratulating myself for having such a productive Monday, and planning my Tuesday list, I realized that in 28 minutes it is going to be Wednesday and at least half that list must have happened on Monday.Time flies when you're having fun.

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