Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sundays are for Blogging

I've already blogged about how Monday and Tuesday were a blur. The rest of the week didn't go by any slower.

We had some adventure Thursday morning when it it snowed barely at all in St. Louis, but messed up traffic terribly. I had to drop Scott off at the train station at 5am. Thankfully we were the only ones on the road and the roads had not yet been treated. Whatever they ended up treating the roads with on the first round turned that snow, which was admittedly a little slick, in to black ice. Lovely.

On Thursday I also started a new non-business Twitter account so that my @dyeabolicalyarn followers never again have to read such ranty tweets as:
  • "Remember months ago when they said cuts to road treatment and snow removal wouldn't affect anyone or cause additional problems;
  • and, How is the amount of time lost, car damage, person damage, and lost wages less expensive than just treating the roads, powers that be?
  • @Weatherbird How dare anyone defend the decision not to pretreat the interstates when someone DIED because of it.
That's right. I yelled at St. Louis's beloved Weatherbird.Yeesh. In my defense, I wasn't really yelling at him, but yelling about a link he posted to some MoDOT official saying something inane.

Long-time followers of this blog will know that I have struggled with where to draw the line between personal and business. Now I know, the line gets drawn on Twitter sometime before I yell at Weatherbird from my business account. You can now find my non-business rantings @lehcarstl and my business-related tweets @dyeabolicalyarn.

Look, here's some knitting! I finished 2 Lizard Ridge blocks this week. I could have finished 3, but I was too busy yelling to an owl about snow.


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