Monday, March 26, 2012

Mondays are for Dyeing and More Club Details

UPDATE: The first Not Really a Club colorway will be listed on Friday 3/30 around noon. 

I know several of you are waiting for the February FO post. Allison has been extremely busy doing exciting things in non-blogging realms and will return here soon with both February and March's posts.
If Sundays are for blogging (at least sometimes), then Mondays are for dyeing. Today I'm dyeing up I Love Rock 'N Roll and Dark Knight for my own inventory and for a new shop order. I'm also playing around with colors for the new club colorway.

I mentioned recently that I was looking for input on how I did clubs. The near-unanimous vote was that the next club should be Not Really A Club, but an advance ordering system so you know exactly what you are getting. Or as close to exact as you can get when you're talking hand dyed. Here's the plan:
  • I will dye up a sample of the color on a few different fibers or yarns and list those in the shop. I will then take orders for a set period of time (probably 2 weeks). Once the order period closes I will order the undyed yarn and fiber and start to dye. 6 weeks later I will ship your fiber or yarn. Shortly afterwards the whole cycle will repeat itself. 
There are a few benefits to doing it this way. It lets you order as much or as little as you want on the base you want. Every base takes color a little differently, but you will have a rough idea of what you are getting. The colorway would be exclusive to the club for at least a year and probably longer. Themes would be much easier to do, too. And about that theme, what say you about some more Alice in Wonderland themed colors? Perhaps the Jabberwocky? Look for more information very soon! Just as soon as I dye up the color.


  1. I am from St louis too and was wondering if i could feature you this month and you would do a small giveaway. let me know by thursday on my blog.

  2. Girl. We need to chat. I have had a request from my Peanut. She wants another club membership for 3 times, but every other month. What do you think? She loved the surprise and the joy of spinning. This is a brilliant idea!!!!


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