Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sulky Cat

Awhile ago I mentioned wanting to start a side line for non-Dyeabolical stuff. Things like accessories knitted out of non-Dyeabolical yarns, commercial craft supplies, hand dyed hankies*, etc. I finally launched the etsy shop.

It is a joint project with my mom, who makes the bias tape, and we will be adding more in the future.

Here's what we have now:
  • Hand Dyed Silk Embroidery Ribbon (some hand dyed ribbon is also available in the Dyeabolical shop; all of it dyed by others right now, but I will be restocking my own dyed ribbon soon in both shops)
  • Handmade bias tape because you know you don't want to make your own. I cut these out, but mom does the sewing and pressing.
  • Grosgrain and Twill ribbons -- perfect for reinforcing button bands, adding decoration to your knitwear, sewing projects or craft projects
Here's what we have planned over the next few months:
  • Wider silk ribbons
  • A greater variety of commercial ribbons
  • Hand dyed hankies and such
  • Hand sewn and hand knitted home goods and accessories

 *The kind you blow your nose in. I know what you were thinking, spinners, and no they won't be the kind you pull apart to spin.


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