Thursday, May 24, 2012

Customer FOs for February 2012

Hello again, friends! I'm blogging twice in one week! I know, I know! That's practically unheard of lately. Although I suppose it is cheating to claim that I'm the one blogging. Really, it is Kara who is blogging. As many of you have figured out, and emailed about, and called about, and told me in person about, the finished object (FO) posts got mightily derailed this year. We (that would be the royal "we") decided to get them back on track and asked Kara to step in to as the FO blogger. And now, without further ado, heeeeerrrrrrrreeeeessss KARA! 
Hello everybody! A quick introduction - I'm Kara, and I will be handling the FO posts now. I've been knitting since 2005 (though I learned when I was young and promptly dropped it and all my other crafty pursuits to read) and pretty quickly became a Knitter with a capital K. I've also known Rachel for almost as long as I've been knitting. Her yarn has been part of my stash since she started dyeing. I also do a bit of crochet, cross stitch, embroidery, sewing, and coffee drinking. You can also find me on ravelry, twitter, and at my blog.

Now - on with the FOs. We're starting out by catching up with the finished projects and yarn from February.

The amazing Peggy (MissP) finished TWO Dyeabolical projects in February: 

These Openwork Socks are made out of one of last year's sock club colorways - The Lonely Goatherd in the BFL Hard Twist sock yarn.(project page)

Her Citron shawl is made out of the one skein of 2-ply Laceweight in Evil Jeanius. This turned out great! She increased the size to 7 sections, which made it large enough to actually wrap around. I love it! (project page)

Next up, from Kim (gmadewie), we have a set of adorable baby items.

Using a skein of Sporty! in We're All Mad Here, she knit up a Baby Surprise Jacket, hat, and Mary Jane Booties. I can't believe I don't have a skein of this color in my stash yet. (project page)

Bonus picture! I couldn't resist sharing the cute modeled photo. :) [omigosh! so cute! --RK]

Dawn (dhop76) made these mittens using a Strong Arm Sock Flat in Soldier Field paired with a gray (non-Dyeabolical) yarn.

I am loving the mix of a variegated yarn with a solid. It lets the colors shine in a different way than when the yarn is used alone. (project page)

Carrie (TangledStrands) made a Multnomah out of Strong Arm Skinny in Hidden Tiger. Rawr.

This pattern looks great in the variegated yarn. Yep, this one is definitely in my queue now. (project page)

Now, on to handspun!

Lynda (lyndahitt) spun this fabulous yarn out of the September 2011 Fiber club.
She spun 225 yards of DK out of this 100% Finn fiber in Whirligig.I love the colors and how they meld together in this yarn. So great!(yarn page)

Sarah (YarnGeekFibers) spun some merino/bamboo in an unnamed colorway that she had picked up at the Strange Folk Festival a couple years ago.
She has 194 yards of sport weight yarn here out of 4.2oz of fiber. Fabulous! (yarn page)

That's all the FOs for February - I hope you enjoyed seeing what everyone has done with Dyeabolical yarn and fiber. As always, check out the shop to get your Dyeabolical fix, then share your FOs!  Next time from me - a special post highlighting the gorgeous samples that the test knitters made for the Dyeabolical booth. Then we'll see what happened in March!

If you have any FOs or handspun you would like to see here, please PM me on ravelry or email me at starmonkeybrass(at)gmail(dot)com.

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