Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Customer FOs: March

Hello! It's Kara here again! Let's discuss the great FOs from March - y'all were busy! So many great things using Dyeabolical yarn that I hardly know where to start. So, let's start with a couple last minute FOs from February.

Sarah (YarnGeekFibers) finished up a long running project - a gorgeous entrelac shawl she made from a Dyeabolical fiber she spun.
This was her first entrelac project, first laceweight handspun from her very first Dyeabolical purchase. I'm gonna be the first person in line to steal it when she's not looking. :) (project page) [The line starts behind me, Miss Kara. -- Rachel]

Beverly (bevmcc) used Strong Arm Skinny in Neopolitan to make the Weeble Wobble Cowl.
Looks great, Beverly! There's a skein of Neopolitan in the shop now on the BFL Hard Twist Base. (project page)

Back in March, I was able to learn a little about needle felting from Kat at Katatomic Labs and created this flower pin out of Dyeabolical Felting Fiber and some angelina.
If you haven't needle felted before, it's a great way to actually stab something without hurting anyone (unless you stab yourself, then it will hurt you). (project post)

Katie (kittykat86) knit her first pair of socks using one of the Strong Arm Sock Flats.
The pattern is Wendy Johnson's Basic Gusset Heel Socks. I love the way these turned out. Makes me want to whip out my sock flat and get knitting. (project page)

Kate (KateOhKatie) finished up this Saroyan during a car ride to Chicago, blocked it in her hotel room, then wore it about the city. 
The yarn is a special edition Tussah Silk that Rachel had a couple years ago, but the great thing about this pattern is that you can use any yarn weight to make it - something like Mary's Necklace in the Bling would look fantastic in this pattern.  (project page) [I can still get the Tussah Silk worsted base for anyone who wants to do special orders --Rachel]

Another project using the Neopolitan colorway, Kelly (photokitty) knit a Traveling Companion Shawl.
This shawl uses the Bling Sparkly Sock with two (non-Dyeabolical) semi-solids. It would look great in any of the fingering weight yarns in the shop. (project page)

Stephanie (ThePaintedKnitter) used the Bling Sparkly Sock in an unnamed color to make the (Black)hearted Socks. [It's pink! I can dye this color by special order, but she's right. I don't have a name for it.]
These look fantastic! (project page)

The spinners were BUSY this month, whipping out a fabulous selection of yarn.

So many of you decided to spin up the January Fiber Club in March and they all look so different and awesome. The fiber was Portuguese Wool in the Temple Door colorway.

Lindey (LuckyLindey) split her fiber, then spun andnavajo plied it into a fingering weight yarn so she can make some socks. 

Joanna (rxknitter1) also decided to navajo ply her Temple Door, getting 250 yards from her fiber. This was her first attempt at navajo plying, too. Amazing!

Sandy (Sandykins) decided to fractal spin her fiber, then she cable plied it, winding up with about 290 yards of yarn. (yarn page)

Leigh (odettelh) spun Temple Door into 428 yards of a 2-ply light fingering weight. (yarn page)

Stacy (StacyLoves) spun her Temple Door into 210 yards of a worsted weight yarn (yarn page)...
 ...and then turned that into Tony the Toy Box Monster. 
How cute is he? (project page)

Stacy also spun up her February fiber club this month. 
Rainbow Agate was 85% polwarth 15% sari silk fiber, which she spun into 365 yards of navajo plied pretty. (yarn page)

Susan Anderson (who is doing a patchwork sock-a-long in her blog) spun a couple different Dyeabolical fibers in March.
The first is from one of Rachel's batts that contained BFL, merino, tussah silk, and firestar. The final product is a 2-ply worsted weight yarn, 186 yards.

For the second one, Susan used 2 different braids together to get 1,086 yards of a fingering weight yarn. Looks fantastic! (blog post)

Finally, KateJonez spun up this lovely yarn. She got great yardage! 
If I'm not careful, writing about all these amazing fibers is going to turn me into a spinner one of these days. There's some fantastic fiber in the shop right now. Go buy it all and save me from myself.

And that's March!

As always, if you have any FOs you'd like to share, let me know. You can find me (Kara) on Ravelry or send me an email at starmonkeybrass(at)gmail(dot)com. 

I'll see you soon for April's FOs!

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