Monday, June 4, 2012

Customer FOs: April

Woohoo! Kara has another FO post ready! There's only one more to go after this and we will be all caught up! I'm taking (yet-another) week to catch up on all the stuff that falls by the wayside during fall season spring season show season, so I might even have time to get a non-FO post written this week.

Kara, you're on!

 It's that time again - more Dyeabolical FOs! This time we are looking at finished projects and hand spun from April.

First up, Casey, owner of the awesome Tangerine Designs and zephead on Ravelry, spun up some Themyscira BFL fiber on her spindle. This was the first time she  plied her singles (and only her second set of singles) and it looks great! (yarn page)

Shanda (Cre8vleigh) spun this 100% Corriedale in Be Mine. Lovely!

Shanda also knit up a Vittorio in the Strong Arm Skinny in the Brown Eyed Girl colorway. This is such a great pattern for any of the fingering weight Dyeabolical yarns, I think we'll be seeing a lot of these. (project page)

Speaking of Vittorio, we had two others finished up in April.

Kate (KateOhKatie) used Strong Arm Skinny in Themyscira.(project page)

Kara (Shells) knit hers out of Strong Arm Skinny in the Fate PhD colorway. (blog post)

All 3 Vittorio shawls are gorgeous, aren't they? You want to knit one for yourself, don't you? I knew it! It would look fabulous in any of Rachel's variegated colors and Flower Shop Inferno happens to be in the shop RIGHT NOW. The Super Ego base would make a great Vittorio, too.

Kate also knit up soakers for her soon(ish)-to-arrive baby Hoopling. These are out of superwash worsted in Steampunked Flower Shop Inferno. Too cute! (project page)

Julie from Ewe Knit Yarns used the Bling Sparkly Sock in Firefly and the Ewe Knit Yarns exclusive colorway to make a Daybreak shawl. The colors work together so well in this shawl - fabulous! (project page) [I was just at Ewe Knit today and I know they still have their exclusive colorway in stock. It is a dark teal blue and black. She ships! -- Rachel]

Jamie (tempesttea) finished her work knitting project - a wrap using the Cotton Warp in Peacock. The pictures don't do this one justice - it's so much more awesome in person. (project page) [I MUST dye this color again! -- Rachel]

In addition to all the beautiful shawls, April was also a great month for socks.

Deborah (7LetterDeborah) finished a pair of socks out of a custom colorway in Strong Arm. I love the stripey heel and toe! (project page)
Shelley (SDJones) used Strong Arm in Themyscira to knit her first pair of socks. These turned out great! (project page)
Lynne (KnittenSmitten) used Strong Arm Skinny in Seymour Krelborn (the October sock club yarn) to make Hermione's Everyday Socks. I need to make these socks. (project page)

And last, but not least, Natalie (TaterDad) knit up a hat out of a gorgeous Dyeabolical handspun. (project page) [I am always happy to spin any of my fibers in to a yarn for you. Contact me for details. -- Rachel]

Fabulous FOs in April! As always, send any FOs my way - starmonkeybrass(at)gmail(dot)com or karamichele on ravelry. I'll see you again soon for the FOs from May!

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  1. Would also like to add that cotton warp did not run at all! Thanks dyeabolical. Tempesttea


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