Wednesday, June 13, 2012

How I Met My Productivity Downfall

I've caught random episodes of How I Met Your Mother on regular TV, but it wasn't until I discovered it on Netflix last week that I really got in to it. Now I have to make bargains with myself about watching it. Such as "Self, no HIMYM until you schedule a few blog posts". Kara has been doing a great job on catching up on the finished object posts, but I should probably check in now and again since this is my blog, yes?

  • The monthly newsletter went out a few days ago. To recap, pre-orders are open for the next incarnation of the "not a club club" shipments. The theme is "Unbirthday"; My dyeing schedule has dialed back a little as we get in to summer, but I am waving the deposit on most special orders if you are looking for a particular colorway; and, Sifu Design Studios in Chicago will soon be carrying my yarns. YAY! 

Unbirthday (not rehanked) on the new (sorta) Super Ego sport(ish) weight yarn and on polwarth fiber

  • The tank top of DOOM is finally finished! It has been finished for a few weeks, minus the ends that need to be woven in. SO. MANY. ENDS. I've taken it with me to 2 knit nights and only managed to weave in 6 ends. Only eleventy billion more to go. It fits great, but the yarn is warmer than expected. This tank will be worn more as a vest than a tank. 

I love how fashionable Maggie M looks in the Tank Top of Doom, even though Mags and I are vastly different sizes. The trick is to gather all that extra fabric at the back with a hair clip. Voila! Instant figure.
I didn't intend on it being reversible, but after ripping out the bust shaping trying to save yarn, that's exactly what happened. I am very happy with this sweater. I may even wear it someday if I ever weave in the ends.
I used some leftover inventory of the "new" Cotton Slub DK weight yarn. It's a perfectly ok yarn. I've made lots of projects from it, but it will never be the  never-to-be-spun-again old Cotton Slub sport. I miss that old hard-twist, yardage-for-miles, go-ahead-and-wash-her-on-hot gal. Let us agree that mills with good yarn should never go out of business.

  • I am blogging again in my other blog, Lehcar Knits. I really miss blogging how I used to, combining both personal and professional. But as the business grows, Dyeabolical really isn't an appropriate venue to get absolutely ranty about sewing patterns, bad drivers or keyword searches, or so I'm told. Back to the old blog I go for that sort of stuff. 

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