Sunday, June 24, 2012

Very Vari, Quite Contrary

Kara had an awesome idea for a semi-regular blog feature on using highly variegated yarns. You can find more patterns good for variegated yarns on my "Good For Highly Variegated Yarns" list in my Ravelry queue. And now? Kara! -- Rachel
If you're anything like me, you are drawn inexplicably to the highly variegated yarns. It's what made you fall in love with Dyeabolical in the first place. Bright, beautiful colors all mixed up on one skein of yarn. I often find myself with a new skein of variegated Dyeabolical yarn in my hands, after screaming "MINE!" when I see a picture of it.* But once I get it home, I'm sometimes at a loss. What should I make with this? What pattern can I use where the colors won't get lost? How can I do justice to such pretty yarn?

Well, you are in luck, because I am about to suggest a few pattern ideas.

Swirl Socks by Sulafaye use a slipped stitch swirl pattern that highlights the color changes in variegated yarns. The pattern is written for sport to dk weight yarn, though you can modify it easily enough to use fingering weight yarn.
Kate used the Alter Ego base in the Joker colorway to make her socks (above), while I (Kara) used Alter Ego in Flower Shop Inferno for mine.
The Super Ego base would also be a great choice for these socks, available for custom order in many great colorways. (I would try We're All Mad Here, Superheroes, or Fate PhD myself.)

In the neckwear category, the Hitchhiker scarf by Martina Behm looks amazing in a variegated yarn.
Anne knit hers using the Bling sparkly sock in We're All Mad Here, though it would look great in any of the fingering weight yarns. Alter Ego would make a great soft 'round the neck project.

In the fingerless mitts category, Spirogyra by Lynne Vogel fits the bill. The lace pattern does a great job at mixing up the colors.
Deborah used the Sporty! base in Firefly for hers. The SuperEgo base would also be a great choice (I picture them also looking great in the Bird Of Paradise colorway).

But let's say you've found yourself with more than one skein of a color. You fell in love with it and asked Rachel to dye up several skeins. How about a sweater? The Celery Cardigan by Veera Välimäki is a great choice for a variegated yarn.
Anne used the Bling Sparkly Sock yarn in the Annie colorway for this one. To make sure her colors were evenly distributed, she alternated skeins (which is always a good idea when you're using any hand dyed yarn). This is another one that would be great using the Alter Ego yarn, as well as the Bling that Anne used.

These are only a few of the great options there are for knitting with Dyeabolical's variegated yarns. There are a lot of great patterns out there, socks, shawls, scarves, mitts/gloves/mittens, and sweaters.

*I assure you, I am not kidding. I've been known to scream "MINE" at Rachel directly. I like to blame it on being an only child.

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