Friday, July 6, 2012

Mini skeins for you! and mini skeins for you! Mini skeins for everyone!

Guess what? You, the people of the Pro-Mini party have swayed me to offer mini hanks, aka mini skeins, aka potential hexipuffs. I admit, I have been resistant for a long time, but the Hexipuffers and Scrappers have spoken. :D

This set of 10 minis are pulled from my regular color line up and feature colors inspired by superheroes. Each mini will be 10 grams, 40 yards and should be enough for 3 hexipuffs. All together, the set of 10 hanks is enough to make a full pair of socks.

The first batch will be available for pre-order today at noon, along with the regular shop update.

Clockwise from top left: Born on a Monday (inspired by Solomon Grundy, the zombie hero), Cerulean Coleoptera (inspired by Blue Beetle), Gamma Ray (inspired by Hulk), Dark (K)Night (inspired by Batman), God Of Thunder (inspired by Thor), Superheroes, Themyscira (inspired by Wonder Woman), Shulkie (inspired by Shehulk), Fate, PhD (inspired by Doctor Fate), Spidey

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