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September 2012 Newsletter

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Club Pre-Orders: Caucus Race

It's time for another edition of the Dyeabolical club!  No, this edition's yarn isn't named for the US election.  We're still on-theme: it's Alice's Caucus Race!

In Alice in Wonderland, Alice and her friends were soaking wet, after an impromptu swim in Alice's own tears, and were discussing ideas to get dry.  Mouse thought a dry recitation of history would do the trick, but the Dodo had other ideas.  "What I was going to say," said the Dodo in an offended tone, "was, that the best thing to get us dry would be a Caucus-race."

A caucus-race, for those unfamiliar, is a race with no start, no finish and everyone is a winner.  Simply run around like mad until you are dry.  Or, better yet knit yourself a nice pair of wool socks instead! Wool can absorb a huge amount of water before feeling wet and still stays warm even when thoroughly soaked.

Caucus Race is a vibrant color, perfect for going in to fall. It is a nautical navy, a forest green and a bright pop of periwinkle (blue in some light, purple in other light).

Caucus Race is available three ways: as a 100g hank of the sturdy, Blue Faced Leicester Hard Twist sock yarn, or in luminous 85% Polwarth, 15% silk fiber (4- or 8-oz braids).  Don't miss out: pre-order close on September 17, or earlier if space runs out.

A reminder of how the new club format works:

  • You preorder the fiber or yarn you want using the appropriate listing. The order period is open until September 17.
  • After the order period closes, Rachel will dye up your order and assemble the club swag.
  • All the international orders will ship on or before October 24. All US orders will ship on or before October 29.
  • Your Not Quite a Club package will include the Caucus Race colorway pictured above (exclusive for at least one year), dyer/inspiration notes, and swag that matches the club theme or the club color. Swag is worth $5-7 and may include items such as pins, ribbons, buttons, prints, paper goods, lip balms or other related gifts. 
  • If you would like to order more than 1 hank of yarn or more than 8oz of fiber, please contact Rachel and she will create a custom listing for you.
More questions?  See the club FAQ at:

Cotton Worsted -- Limited Edition

Tell me if this sounds familiar:  you want to make some dish cloths.  So you spend weeks searching, looking for juuuuust the right shade of red worsted cotton to match the holsteins-wearing-vintage-aprons theme of your kitchen.  Happily, you find that yarn!  You clutch it to your chest and take it home and knit it up into beautifully-crafted, sturdy dish cloths.  You take a moment to admire the color coordination as they sit next to your holsteins-wearing-vintage-aprons cookie jar in front of the holsteins-wearing-vintage-aprons backsplash, across from the holsteins-wearing-vintage-aprons refrigerator magnet and potholder set.  Those reds match exactly!  Your life is complete!

Then, tragedy strikes:  you use your new dishcloth the first time and it turns a bit...pinkish. Within weeks they've faded to a blah grey.  Your themed kitchen is no longer perfect.  The holsteins glare down at you from every direction.  You've let them down.  Your beautiful handknitted dishcloths no longer match.  Life is bleak.

Rachel is super duper sick of that happening, so she dyed up enough cotton yarn for herself to last a really long time and is offering the extras to you. Each limited edition hank is triple washed, twice in scalding hot water, to dissolve any extra dye particles hanging around. Then each hank is washed in synthrapol to prevent back-dyeing in case any extra dye particles are still floating around. As with all cottons, extremely hot temperatures and use with cleaning products can produce fading, but rest assured the dye won't come off on your skin the first time you use the cloth (true story).

This makes it an ideal kitchen cotton, but these colors are pretty enough to be knit up as garments too.  50 grams (100 yards) is just $8 for this limited edition base, so get yours while you can!

(And hey, doesn't that middle one match your holsteins' aprons?)
((I'm starting to suspect that Kate the Newsletter Minion owns a cookie jar with holsteins wearing aprons -- Rachel))

Strange Folk

Everyone's favorite craft/food/music festival is quickly approaching:  Strange Folk!  The music, the food, the vendors....we can't wait!  Mark your calendars for September 29th and 30th, at Community Park in O'Fallon, IL.  Remember, Rachel has a tent on the grounds this year (not under the pavilion as in years past) so be sure to stop by!

Holiday Colorways

Holiday colors will start making an appearance soon. If you are on a deadline for holiday knitting, or if you just don't have the time to stalk shop updates, then please consider a custom order. You can see a (mostly current) color card here. Check the shop for Dyed to Order listings or contact Rachel for more information.

From left-to-right: Witchiepoo, Steampumpk, Closer Than You Think


Thanks for supporting Dyeabolical!
Rachel Kluesner (who can hear Kate the Newsletter Minion sobbing from all the way in LA, so sad she is that she must miss Strange Folk)

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