Thursday, September 13, 2012

Strange Folk Festival

It's time for Strange Folk again! If you haven't been to the Strange Folk Festival, go! Do Not Miss! It is a huge festival with great food, music, activities for kids and adults,and is full of vendors who only sell handmade (or hand dyed!) items. Bring a chair and hang out in front of the stage, or eat meat on a stick, or start your holiday shopping early.

I am in a tent this year, not under the pavilion. I will post here when I know where my tent will be. I am looking forward to being in a tent this year. As a seller, I love the frenzy under the pavilion, but the laid back atmosphere of the tents definitely has its appeal.
Jar of mini hank goodness

I have needle felting fiber in the dye pots right now for needle felting kits. Mom is working on putting together grab bags of hand dyed fiber from the bin of fiber below. This morning I filled up a big jar full of mini hanks. This show is going to be so much fun!

Huge milk crate full of hand dyed fiber

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  1. ::grabbyhands::

    Did I tell you? I've started giving myself 5 minutes to spin every day, without fail (sometimes more, if I can swing it). Maybe one of these days I'll actually finish a yarn! :-D


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