Friday, November 16, 2012

An Oops and a New Yarn

Oops! There has been a labeling mistake. Merino Hard Twist sock yarn, which debuted in September, was erroneously labeled as superwash merino wool and nylon when it is really a non-merino superwash wool and nylon I take full responsibility for this. It was my misunderstanding when I read the content labels from the mill. Somewhere in the production process, I switched a merino wool hank for a non-merino wool hank and the error compounded from there.

Anyone who has purchased Merino Hard Twist sock yarn in the last few months is welcome to exchange the hank for different yarn. Shipping is on me.

For now, the superwash wool and nylon yarn will just be listed as "sock yarn" in my shop until I rename the base. The price will remain the same.

I am sorry for any inconvenience.

Moving on, can I interest you in some new colorways on the Tenacious Tencel base? 75% superwash merino / 15% nylon / 10% tencel--and YES, I double checked the label. :) These go up in the shop at noon today.

You can shop from or my etsy shop. The two sites are mirrors of each other. I use a service that pulls in listings from etsy to my website. I use etsy as my shopping cart, which means that I will never accidentally oversell, but which also means that my website is always just a few minutes behind when listing new items.

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  1. I love the whole lot and do not need any of it, but OMG, I do believe you are onto something, girl. Give me a chance to knit some of my stash up, please!~! Happy Thanksgiving, dear one.


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