Friday, July 27, 2012

I feel so clever right now

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Summer Sale

It’s a miserable summer outside and we all need a little something to cheer us up. How about a sale?
Use coupon code SUMMER2012 to get 20% off in stock merchandise. Dyed to Order, Superhero Minis pre-order, and gift certificates are not eligible for the discount. The sale will go on for at least 2 days. Possibly longer if the heat gets to me. :)

Sunday, July 22, 2012

No Post On Sundays

Vernon Dursley and I have something in common. We both are thrilled that there is no post on Sundays. I am also thrilled that there is no UPS, FedEx, and that the complex's maintenance crew rarely calls on us on Sundays.  Having front door mail delivery and a caring maintenance staff are all luxuries for which I am grateful, but once a week I want to stay in my jammies past 9am and not be surprised by men coming to my front door.

In Dyeabolical news, there isn't too much news. Mid-July is the slowest month of the year. It is too hot to knit big projects, everyone is stashing down with Tour de Fleece, and it is too hot to get steamy pots going more than a few days a week. The sales for the Superhero mini skeins continue through the end of the month or until they sell out (8 left). The Unbirthday club shipped to international customers last week and ships to domestic customers on Thursday of this week. I am continuing to waive deposits on dyed-to-order yarns and fibers (although you can pay up front if you want). Updates continue on Fridays, except for last week when it was just too hot to dye yarn.

I've had a lot of non-dyeing time this month and it has given me time to reflect on my gameplan for 2012. I am a big fan of throwing ideas against the wall and seeing which ones stick. I threw a lot of ideas at the wall this past winter and it is time to see what stuck.

Earlier this year I opened a new etsy shop called Sulky Cat. It is a bit of a hodge podge of crafts and craft supplies. It is more of a hobby shop than a full-time business shop like Dyeabolical is. I like having it. I used to make and sell all kinds of crafts. I has been nice to have a second shop where I can try out new ideas.

Wool wash...good in theory, not so great in execution. Even with careful packaging and shipping priority, the caps leak in transit or the packages get ripped open a lot. 
The silk embroidery ribbon stays for now (because I have a lot of it) but the price is being lowered to $3 for 3 yards of hand dye 4mm ribbon. Did you know that 3 yards of silk ribbon will last an embroiderer approximately forever?

Have you been missing the needle felting kits, felting wool and large sheets of pre-felt?  Those sold rapidly and I just haven't had time to assemble new kits and dye more felting wool. I will be doing those in August for sure. 
The small 3x3 and 6x6 sheets of prefelt? I'm on the fence about those. They do not sell well online, but they sell like hotcakes at shows. I just don't have very many shows this fall. Only one so far. 
The twill and grosgrain ribbons? You guys love them! So do I.

Handmade bias tape. It sold well at first, but not so much now. Look for current stock to go on sale soon in the Sulky Cat shop. If I can get a good deal on nice fabrics than mom and I might make more later. 

Silk hankies and cotton headbands are doing great! The large 17"x17" cotton hankies/bandanas, however, are going on clearance.

 Semi-solid yarns. I really want to make a line of semisolid yarns work, but you people do not love the semisolids. In fact, the crazier the better. I love that about you. :D Still, I would like to have some semi-solids. See below.

And now some ideas to throw at the wall the last half of the year.
  • I am working on a line of colors inspired by the hanks of yarns I use to sop up excess dyes.  The locals who have seen the semisolid-esque hanks that I use to mop up excess dye love them so much that they almost never make it in to the shop updates.The problem is that they are one of a kind. Can I make them repeatable? This requires experimenting!
  • It's time to think about fall yarns. I will be keeping Alter Ego and Super Ego. Around the holidays I will bring in some Bling. Of course I will have Skinny and HardTwist as dyed-to-order still, but with the prices of British merino and BFL skyrocketing, I am thinking of bringing in a very affordable new non-merino wool/nylon sock yarn and a superwash corriedale as an alternative to those 2 wonderful yarns. I am really on the fence about that. Input would be appreciated. 
  • I am desperate to bring in a silk wool single if money happens to fall from the sky.
  • I am seriously considering getting serious about fibers. I dye a damn good fiber (if I may brag), but I am all over the map in terms of fiber choice and colors. Can I bring myself to narrow down my base fibers to 5 or 6 selections? The world may never know.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Mini skeins for you! and mini skeins for you! Mini skeins for everyone!

Guess what? You, the people of the Pro-Mini party have swayed me to offer mini hanks, aka mini skeins, aka potential hexipuffs. I admit, I have been resistant for a long time, but the Hexipuffers and Scrappers have spoken. :D

This set of 10 minis are pulled from my regular color line up and feature colors inspired by superheroes. Each mini will be 10 grams, 40 yards and should be enough for 3 hexipuffs. All together, the set of 10 hanks is enough to make a full pair of socks.

The first batch will be available for pre-order today at noon, along with the regular shop update.

Clockwise from top left: Born on a Monday (inspired by Solomon Grundy, the zombie hero), Cerulean Coleoptera (inspired by Blue Beetle), Gamma Ray (inspired by Hulk), Dark (K)Night (inspired by Batman), God Of Thunder (inspired by Thor), Superheroes, Themyscira (inspired by Wonder Woman), Shulkie (inspired by Shehulk), Fate, PhD (inspired by Doctor Fate), Spidey