Friday, February 1, 2013

2012 Year in Review and Looking Forward


You might have noticed, but 2012 was a dismal blogging year for me. Thank goodness for my friends Kara and Kate, who help out with some of the business writing, or there would be very few updates from the Dyeabolical at all.

Because 2012 was such a dismal blogging year, and I rely on the blog to refresh my memory, I am sure I am forgetting major highlights. 

I felt like I was 2 steps behind most of 2012. I blame the time suck known as allergy shots. 2 shots twice a week, in the middle of the day, plus the obligatory post-shot wait time and the inevitable nap that followed, plus another half day of fatigue for 6 months meant that 2 days a week I only worked half days. Yeah....I'm not doing allergy shots any more. They work fantastic for some people, but not so much for me.

Naturally, my knitting suffered in 2012. Most nights I would pull out my knitting, but then stare at the TV. I finished many mini-swaps on the Itty Bitty Knitting board. I did the Odd Ducks Favorite Color Swap. I assembled an package of epic proportions, which was then stolen from in front of my swappees door. Grr! I did finish my favorite sweater I have ever knit, so that's something.
I finally made a second Ravelry profile in 2012. DyeabolicalYarn is my business profile. My past projects are still there, as well as pattern suggestions for pooling yarns and art yarns.  I will use that profile for official Dyeabolical posts. My new personal profile, with all my new projects and my personal queue, is called lehcarstl. I am using my new personal profile to all of the non-Dyeabolical stuff and to chat with.

And now for the knitting of 2012:

2012 FOs
  • 2 adult hats
  • 1 set of baby mittens
  • 1.5 preemie hats
  • 1 sock to finish a pair of socks
  • 10 ornaments
  • 1 tank from hell that fits beautifully, but doesn't look good with anything
  • 1 soaker
  • 5 afghan squares ranging from tiny to large
  • 1 bag
  • 1 toddler sweater
  • 1 shawl
  • 1 cardigan
26 projects. It's up from 23 in 2011, but the projects this year were quite a bit smaller than last year. It isn't a race, but it is frustrating to have so much stash and knit so little. To remedy that, I cast on for about 12 new projects in the new year and already finished 4 small projects.
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  1. <3 What an appealing array of projects! I love that three of them are in my home (and one of those three is in use right this instant!) I feel truly lucky to have you for a friend :)


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