Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Just another manic Tuesday

Finally, I feel back to normal! Huzzah! Since we've last met, I've undertaken a destash/decluttering/rearranging/reorganizing of epic proportions.

I traded some extra wool for Lucky Gnomekin #13. He's adorbs! Lucky 13 is hanging out with his Binx pals.
* I cleaned off my dye shelf. I thought I had maybe 100 dyes. Nope. 250+. Heavens. I only use 15-20 of those colors, but it is kind of like Giant Box of Crayons Syndrome. No box of crayons will ever be big enough. Still, I need more room on that shelf, so I pared down my stash by a lot. I packed up a big box of dyes, jars for mixing, an extra stock pot, and an extra drying rack (why do I need so many?) and foisted them on to Mr. & Mrs. Yarn Geek Fibers.

*I came to a stunning realization that with just a little bit of shuffling around, and destashing a bunch of stuff, that I could double my dyeing area. This is a good thing and something that needed to happen a long time ago.

* I have finally started carding one of the two fleeces I bought last year at the Waterloo sheep show and made arrangements to have the other one washed. Those two actions freed up another 3 feet of space on my fiber shelves.

*I rearranged the bedroom to accomadate my birthday present, a new Rowenta Steamer. It will never replace an iron for dress shirts, but it works great to freshen up knitwear. While I was at it, I got rid of a pile of clothes to give away, plus the hamper they were in that has been sitting in the corner for probably a year. Success. 

 *I unloaded 2 shelves of books and 3 shopping bags full of pretty yarn on to unsuspecting friends. They were good books and good yarns, so win for everyone.

*And then? I dyed yarn 2 days in a row. I am so relieved that the end is in sight to this knitting needle injury. I am the unfortunate queen of minor, but very inconvenient injuries.

 *I finished 1.5 projects this week. Thank you, snow day.
Comfort Slippers by Reiko Arato using handspun 3-plyed from a braid of superwash cheviot wool in the Themyscira colorway. I knit about 10 extra rows to accommodate my hugenormous feet. Do not make my mistake. These things are plenty stretchy for all size feet without adding extra rows.   

Mixed Wave Mitts by Sybil Ramkin using Super Ego mini hanks in the Highlighter colors. I have 2 sets of these in stock, but they are not listed in the shop yet. Email me if you are interested. They are slightly less saturated than the Alter Ego version in the shop. Or, if you want an eye-searing version of the Highligther colors, click here. :)
This giant pile of awesome was delivered this week. They are textured rolags made by Beth from Blue Mountain Handcrafts. I cannot wait to spin these!


  1. Glad I could help with the destashing. Richie is quite pleased with my haul.

  2. Mr. Yarn Geek and I had a lovely time chatting with you on Sunday. Thanks again for the dye pots and dyes. I still have as of yet to let the Mr. look at (you know which) knitting book. Tee hee :)Now I just have to figure out where I am going to put all your, er...my stuff.


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