Thursday, February 7, 2013

Local Artist Katatomic & Some Soap

It's a picture heavy post today. I hope that doesn't bog anyone down.

I try to periodically promote artists and crafters local to St. Louis. Today, I want to brag on one of my friends & customers, Kat. Kat, aka Katatomic, is a local artist who specializes in super cute animals & adorable accessories. You can find her on Facebook and, if I poke her enough, I hope she will update her Etsy shop with little tiny felt sheeps made with real sheep locks.

"Bahhhhh me from Katatomic Labs!"
Kat made this felted pumpkin spice soap for Scott. We're a fan of the felted soaps around here. 
I traded some dyed locks for this pretty awesome felt scarf. Do the colors look familiar? I dyed the raw materials for her in to the Viola Overboard colorway. Then Kat manipulated & felted the wool to this fun scarf with lightly ruffled edges. It is merino wool, so soft and warm, but the fabric is thin enough for indoor wear. It lives with me now. :) See Kat? Everyone loves these scarves. Go post 'em to Etsy! 

Katatomic even has her own Dyeabolical colorway. She asked me several times to try these colors together and I resisted her each time. Why did I resist her for so long? This is hands down my favorite colorway ever.

I am working on a new soap design. There is a lot of work left to do, but I will have several bars ready for Green With Indie in....oh crap, 3 weeks. Oh crap, oh crap. Um, I'm going to say right now that I stabbed myself in the leg a week ago and that somewhat has slowed down production. While my booth will have yarn, fiber & soap in it, it might not be quite as packed to the gills as usual. And you already know updates have been light lately. Wait, where was I? Oh yes, a new soap design. I kind of love chevrons. I will have several bars ready in about 3 weeks. Are there any color requests?

On Monday, I mentioned wanting to play around and find a new way to photograph soap so it really showed the soap off well. Here is the so-so picture I started with:
and here is the new picture. I think I nailed it! 10:30 am, on my dining room table, on a tray, with the sun coming in from the south-facing window.
I liked the results so much, I took photos of the rest of my stock.

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