Monday, February 4, 2013

Mondays are for Blogging

2013 is all about creating new routines and what's this? 2 consecutive Monday blog posts in a row! Surely that is a step in the right direction. When do I get my medal? :)

Last week was eventful.
  • Related to one of the bullet points below (you can guess which one), I'm having a surprise sale until Tuesday - 15% off using coupon code "15OFF" at checkout.
  • I ran in to the bookshelf & doorknob really hard last week. My sock knitting was hanging from the doorknob. Badda boom, badda bing, now I have a puncture wound with a side of blunt force trauma to add to the list of incredibly stupid injuries I have had. It's insulting to both stab and punch oneself in the same spot simultaneously. Annoyed? Yes. Sidelined? Slightly. Pumped full of tetanus vaccine and antibiotics? You betcha. What are your favorite point protectors for double pointed needles?
  • I had dinner with one of my favorite felt artists (more on that later), asked Kara nicely to please drag my carcass to knit night, had homemade lasagna at my in-laws house, got a haircut so bad that I think it might have involved an actual hatchet, drove all over creation on Friday (thanks, numb leg!), watched the rest of the season 3 of Downton Abbey (Fonzie is strapping on his life belt and just about ready to jump over that shark) and generally overdid it so much that Saturday I was forced to sit on the couch. Oh darn. No, that's actually what Scott said. He handed me his qiviut gloves with a big giant hole in them and said "Here. Darn." and so I did. 
  • I made some soap last week. Or rather, all I made last week was some soap. Photographing soap has a whole new learning curve. It's different than photographing yarn. I will be playing around today trying to get better pictures of my soaps. In person, this soap looks like blueberry Jello or French nougat, but fancier. The blues are saturated and subtly variegated. The white is actually tinged with blue. There are swirls and layers and it is moderately scented with a fragrance called Cashmere & Cotton. In the picture? It's blue and white and blah. Can I just tell people it is pretty and have them trust me? No? Darn.



  1. The soap is gorgeous!! And, do try to be careful around pointy objects. I have more trouble with inanimate furniture.

  2. Beautiful soap! I kind of want to eat it. But that would be bad.

    And thanks for the Downton spoiler, BTW. I KNEW what the Fonz was planning, as soon as I saw that life vest come out...


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