Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tuesdays are for Catching Up on Monday's Blogging

Every day this week has involved an unscheduled siesta. Some people love napping, but it makes me feel like a slacker. I could be doing something with all that time. Like knitting and reading, or heaven forbid, working.

What's new in the shop
I'm still on a part time schedule. My leg is healing. You can't even tell I jammed a needle in my leg just by looking at it, but sometimes it lets off an almighty twinge just in case I forgot for a minute how dumb it was to store needles unprotected. And yet, despite feeling better, my work still isn't getting done at its normal brisk pace. I blame the IRS and their stupid Schedule C. Ugh, taxes. Curse you, Schedule C!

I did manage a small update yesterday. Friday noon updates are temporarily suspended until I can get back on track. For the next few weeks, I will post new items as I finish them.
There may or may not be some highlighter colored yarns destined for mini-hanks drying in my kitchen right now.
I will be at the Green With Indie show on March 9 in Webster University's Grant Gym. This is a fun mid-size Craft Mafia craft show full of indie crafters, many who you see at other shows around town like Strange Folk and Rock 'n  Roll.  It's worth a trip if you are local. If you would like a stack of flyers to hand out in your office or to your friends, email me and we will make arrangements. Each flyer has a form for you to fill out your information and be entered to win a door prize. No purchase necessary, but you do have to actually attend GWI to be eligible to win.

What I'm working on

One Comfort Slipper is finished. The pattern calls for fingering weight yarn, but I am using a superwash cheviot sport weight handspun 3-ply in the Themysicra colorway. I'm surprised it fits as well as it does. I thought it would be too small for me, but it is actually a little large. Do as I say when it comes to matters of gauge, not as I do. No, I didn't swatch. This pattern is easy, but for some reason I'm finding the back and forth at the bottom of the foot to be tedious.
This is the beginning of a garter bias scarf. It's my purse knitting.

What I'm reading
  • I just finished Sense of an Ending by Julian Barnes. It was a book club selection and I've already told the chooser of the book that I'm going to give her such guff over it. Guff! Guff! Guff! :) I didn't enjoy the book, but I am very much looking forward to the lively conversation it will inspire. Those are the best kind of books, I think. I dislike conflict in real life, but when it comes to books, it is boring when everyone agrees.
  • Speaking of conflict dislike, I discovered the Captain Awkward blog this week. She has some great advice for navigating sticky situations.

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