Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wednesday is the New Monday

My 3-day weekend accidentally lasted 4 days. Oops.

State of the Rachel
When last we met, it was Birthday Eve and I was napping lots.

My birthday was great! I have such amazingly awesome friends and family! I was spoiled rotten by the awesome gifts. I don't have pictures of everything yet, but here is a mosaic of the ones I do have pictures of. So much fun! And the food. Dim sum, giant burgers, wings, fried chicken, cupcakes, cakes over the course of the week. OmigodIamsofull.
My creation

By Thursday, I was in the doctors office because I've had trouble sleeping at night. Every time I laid down, my leg/brain started yelling in a way that couldn't be ignored. The doctor ordered lots of blood tests to rule out scary things and scary things were then ruled out. I'm fine, but it's going to be a few more weeks of working at half-speed. I have to sit down a lot. And stand up a lot. Actually, that kind of describes my regular workday so you wouldn't think it would slow me down. But slow me down it has. Plus, frankly, I just kind of need a mental break. This last few months have been crazy town on both a personal and a professional level. I can only work so many 12-hour days in a row for so many months in a row before I need a little chill-out time. Working part-time suits me ok for another week.

State of the Knitting
I have startosis. I keep starting things, but finishing nothing. Tempest Tea and I are having a mini-KAL of these Mixed Wave Mitts. 
Dyeabolical Super Ego undyed & highlighter leftovers

State of the Yarn
Did I show you these eye-searing minis? It all started with a Ravelry thread when Annie insisted I dye yet another obnoxiously bright yellow. I'm still waiting for Annie's sweater yarn to arrive, but I dyed some mini hanks in the meantime. 9 sets on the Alter Ego base sold immediately and now only one is left. I also have a set or two on the Super Ego base that are not in the shop. Email me if you want a set. Also, I'm happy to take special orders for the minis, as well. 
Alter Ego takes the fluorescent colors BRIGHT!
Friday shop updates are on temporary hiatus while I prepare for the Green With Indie show. I will be posting here and there as I have them, but most of my stock will be going in to the show pile.

Green with Indie is on March 9. If you are local and need a free raffle ticket, let me know. I'll have a table of soap, spinning fiber, and soap.

I am currently accepting special orders. I am running about 3 weeks on special orders. Also, I will have polwarth/silk spinning fiber, pol/wilk DK yarn, superwash merino worsted and BFL Hard Twist back in stock soon. I don't have any listings prepared for those yet, but email me if you would like to reserve a color.

I am doubling my dyeing capacity! YAY! To make room for another cooker, I cleared off my dye shelf. Guess how many dye jars I have? OVER 250!!!! What the heck?!? I only use 15 or so dyes, so I have no idea why I'm hoarding all that dye. I organized them all in to bins of dyes I use all the time, dyes I use sometimes, dyes I don't use but that I keep because one day I might need them (*cough*dye hoarder*cough*), and dye colors I could live without if I absolutely had to. I am destashing those 50+ dyes for $135. If you are interested in a list, shoot me an email and I will discuss the details with you.

Corrina Ferguson from Picnic Knits released a new pattern that features my yarn! This is her Bryndis pattern knit from the Knit Crate Cafe colorway (exclusive to Knit Crate). Beautiful, isn't it? It takes less than 1 hank of my Super Ego yarn, which comes in 150 gram hanks.

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